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Which be most bestest?

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GPU support since Arnold 6

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We use 3ds and V-Ray for everything.

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all raytracing is shit
use UE4 or cryengine.

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getting filtered: the comment

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Arnold because I never used anything else

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What are /3/ opinions on blender IF we also start ussing blender addons on our work?


I mean, watching this video, blender starts stopping being a crappy mediocre piece of shit and It looks now (with the addons) like a competitive professional tool.

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>a competitive professional tool

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>tfw x-muscle system isn't free
>tfw there's no public github like FLIP Fluids
>tfw it's not on Persia like Graswald
How the hell am I supposed to make high quality CG porn for free? MBLab's rig just doesn't compare.

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What is the easiest to learn to use constantly 3D software for absolute beginners? Anything with any price goes as long as it is easy to learn.

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Also, please give me good tutorials for them.

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Good luck and fuck off from this board before you get a brain rot.

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As always, I have a question about Unreal, so I might as well open a general again so the thread doesn't become pointless if the question is answered.

I have an already existing scene built in Blender, and I'm trying to find a way I can export the whole scene to Unreal. I don't want to just export a bunch of individual objects that I'd have to place manually again, because the scenes need to match 1 to 1 in both programs.

I've tested out new Send to Unreal blender addon:


But from what I see, it only exports individual assets + I'm not sure it even supports collections so it just exports everything into one messy folder.

I though that maybe I could parent everything in a scene to 1 object and import that, but idk if I misunderstood it, but this means the lightmap will be shared across the entire group? I got an error when trying to bake lighting.

Another idea I had was to just export everything individually, but with pivots at the world center, so when I drop them in the scene at (0,0,0) the objects will keep their world space. Maybe that could work, but I'm not sure if that's a good approach.

Ideally, you would have a live link where the whole scene updates in Unreal automatically, so if I modify an object or change its position, it will be updated in Unreal. That means I wouldn't have to keep importing new version again and again.

Any ideas?

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I do the same thing then I refactor it into a single C++ node that does all the shit I've prototyped in blueprint.

Source code access just wins for me.

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Unreal is superior in every way.

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code equally a gross mess if you expand all the .cpp files

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I absolutely love when people make this meaningless comparison.

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Will blender eventually reach a point where even if is not the best tool in the industry will be good enough for like 99% task you will need in the industry?

Not the best, but like good enough for 99% of taks?

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>What "big budget" movies have used Blender? Lmao
Only The Man in the High Castle and Next Gen, Ubisoft is moving to Blender and Sega at some point used blender in their pipeline too, there's also that chink anime studios and a couple of South American movies nobody cares too, and lots of indie games, I think that's all.

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And lots of artists in outsourcing studios using it, which means it has been used in much more AAA games than you'd think.

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Next Gen looked like fucking shit.

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It is mehh tier, I h8 Charlyne and Krasinski

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>Ubisoft is moving to Blender
No they are not - stop spouting nonsense - they have an in house animation studio that does some stuff with Blender.
ALL the game development pipelines are still using everything else BUT Blender.

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is 3d modeling and stuff good for a hobby? i want to pick up something new during quarantine other than gaming and get out of my slump. making dragons and stuff would be really cool too. pic is random sculpt i found

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Sure, why wouldn't it be?

There's plenty of different stuff to learn so just pirate something or download Blender and start watching YouTube tutorials at 2x speed.

Just don't expect to be able to sculpt that dragon any time soon.

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3d being your hobby where all you do is sculpt dragons is actually the ideal way to interact with it.

Unless you are lucky enough to mix business with pleasure.

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>guys can you tell me if I enjoy doing X
Absolute state of coronatards

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Hello, faggot here calling for help, last month i reset my laptop, I made backups of my main files, I was learning 3dsmax and I had a file almost finished, but when it was reset its lost, i recovered the file but only the .scene, so now it dont open,
someone who knows how to retrieve the file from a scene?

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What do you mean with .scene? File format?

As you probably know max uses .max as file format.

Try copying and renaming to .max alternatively upload the file or go to autodesks forums.

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1. You can't make selections through culled backface geometry
2. You can't use absolute units when scaling/extruding/insetting
3. You can't do proper edge offsetting without an add-on
4. You can't easily add a vertex to an existing edge (come on, I have to be wrong about this one)
5. You can't make a global material (non object-specific)
6. You can't enable backface culling in render preview

One month into dicking around with this pos, and I'm fucking angery. I'm hoping any of you can correct me on any of these points.

Also, gladly taking recs for a modeling solution geared towards hard surface and architecture that works well with substance designer material exports. Don't care if its not free as I'm tired of this freebie pajeet-tier spaghetti coded open source shit, I wanna program made by a white man.

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yeah im waiting for Zen3 and Volta to upgrade.

Still doesn't change the fact that large parts of max are still not as smooth as they could be.

Most of the modifiers aren't even multithreaded

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It's on one of the most popular CG trackers. I suppose it must be on others too, haven't really looked to be honest.

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My sides

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Yet, despite these shortcomings, people use Blender everyday to create their art. Whether or not you think that art is good or valid is irrelevant.

Enumerating Blender's shortcomings is a worthwhile exercise, no doubt, but everything else is just noise.

>it will never be used by AAA studios
who cares
>it will always be a toy
who cares
>blendlets suck
who cares

The world has a free 3D application to use for whatever purpose you want. It's yours, mine, everybody's. Nothing else matters.

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if max were free, i would start experimenting with it on the side, but doing your hobby stuff in blender means your works gets to live on forever
professional stuff, doesn't matter, you got paid, that's all that matters. but for hobby stuff, i very much do care that the formats are open.

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If you are doing anything but animation you can store everything in USD file format and you are DCC independent. Pixar has already freed up that path by creating this open standard.

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Stuff like that is very promising, but nothing is a substitute for the real thing. The internal blender renderer has been abandoned, but it continues to live as an easily obtainable download that you can sandbox into a VM running an old Linux distro. And I don't have to go through shady download sites or anything -- all official software repos (mostly .edu mirrors and the like)

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>99% of the people on /3/
>actually assumes them to have skill
.1% of the people here know what a fucking model is. this board is nothing but console wars.

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3ds MAX is an essential tool for me.
That´s why i pirate it.
My pirate version is functional, does everything i need it to do and i have NO need to go "online officially" with Autodesk for ANY reason.
Worse case, i´d get an older version of the damn thing, until it worked.
There are older versions with large packages of plugins that makes them capable of doing things that the modern versions can´t... sigh, i miss those so much.
They want us to pay for it, they will have to work their butts for REAL.
Also, what´s that ridiculously broken animation on their website?

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I taught myself to use Fusion360 about 5months ago, is this good progress for that amount of time?

I've done larger projects but this has probably been the most mechanically involved.

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idk how you'd judge F360 'progress'
It's an extremely functional tool for design and fabrication, and that's about it.

Only meters I'd judge it from is "Does the simulation provide me good information for iteratively improving my design?" or "Can I use this design to fabricate a functional part?".
Neither of which are presented in your pic

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No it's bad. By the time I was at five months I was at a professional hard surface level. If you intend to use Fusion for hardsurface you need to step your game up. If you want to use it for cad then okay, you're fine.

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Very good. You can easily freelance with your skills. Ask 70$/hour.

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why do you mock me

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I want to learn how to replicate the low res texture, medium poly model aesthetic from the PS2 era or similar. Any tips or good tutorials out there? Anything would be appreciated. Also if you're working on something similar then please come by and show your work.

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Some dude replicating PS1 era graphics poped up in my YouTube recommendations yesterday. I know it's not the same, but close enough. Give me few seconds and maybe I'll find him.
Anyway, the textures itself are first of all lower resolution without filtering. They usually used real life photos, placed in Photoshop to fit the UVs.
Back then they were using only albedo maps. Friend of mine was working in the game industry back then, I might ask him as well.
But that's all I know,

>> No.760820

Okay, I found the dude. Check him out.
Hope I helped!

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I think you forget the most time consuming thing animation the leap is insane no way you can match PS2 cinematic experiences without mocap and even then there's a lot that willl have to be done manually

>> No.760834

None of that is specific to the sixth gen consoles, though.

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There's a dude who posts here occasionally, Jack, who makes trippy vids with low res textures and shit. They're really good in a weird way.

In any case, he was kind enough to share his entire texture library with everyone. It's all low-res stuff that should be perfect for you.


He goes for a PS1 style, but honestly, there's probably no difference in the textures they used on the PS1 or PS2. It's just that you can see them better. Still, it might be a good jumping off point.

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I made a tool in unity and am wondering if its good enough to put on a tools reel to apply to studios. I can record tracking data from any type of tracker (hand keyed, head tracked, eye track) and then playback and use that stored data to do things like vertically scroll the final image to fit a 4k video onto dual 1080p monitors or just see what was being focused on at a particular moment, which is useful for many things. Look at the cube moving showing the recorded tracking and the dynamic scrolling of the video. I have been working on this project for 1 month, learning unity and c#


>> No.760847

Anyone? Any feedback?

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It's a slow board, you don't need to bump. In my opinion, I'd say no, it's not ready. It's got a bad case of programmer design. That is to say that it both looks ugly and unintuitive. I couldn't tell what half of those buttons on the menu were, and I'm still not entirely sure what the function or utility of the tool actually is.

I don't want you to explain it to me here either. My point is if you're trying to get someone to look at this, and they're busy, you only get maybe 30 to 60 seconds to get the point across and I think you failed to do that.

Keep going though, either with a redesign or more tools, everyone could always use more independently developed and specific tools. Also consider a store front or something in the event that you don't find a studio to take it off of you, or at least a demo so an interested studio could test it or something. Good luck.

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why would i want to view a video across two screens

>> No.761157

you can see double the amount of detail at 3840x1080 than at 1920x1080.

>> No.761689

if you are someone that needs to see that high level of a detail for whatever reason, you would have the budget to afford a screen capable of doing whatever the fuck you needed it to do.

This is the video editing equivalent of putting a spoiler on a honda civic... just buy the racecar, and if you can't afford one or find someone who thinks you're good enough to race theirs, then you don't need it to begin with.

Not only that, but as the other anon said, your interface is the shittiest most crude shit I've ever seen. Jesus. How self unaware could you be? And what the fuck is going on with the demo video? Did you create this shit on the toilet one afternoon? Did you make this with a ti-84 running gentoo?

Stick to coding dude. You are not a software developer.

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I want to 3D print the happy merchant. Does anyone know where I can find a CAD or STL file?

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>What is the sexcret simplest way requiring no effort to become best artist ever?
>Can I still get very good if I almost never practice?
>If I put water and become become the teapot, must I move to Utah?
>If I DAZ long enough will I come to understand the Mayan people?

Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread.

prev thread: >>752424

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I have been very curious about 3D animation for a while now. I loved the cute style of older games like Ape Escape and newer pixel art like sculptures/animations like like https://youtu.be/KpxzUd0r9Rk

I want to be able to learn what it takes to replicate art like this. Now all I got is a mouse and a pretty beefy laptop so im all I need is any experienced anons out there that could spoonfeed some good learning resources. Like on skillshare or a anon approved video series i could follow, maybe even some software recommendations to build models on from my shitty stick art that I could learn on and go from making circles on up to stuff like pic related.

Its a long shot type of aspersion, but I'm very patient and have plenty of free time in between my written projects to learn a thing or two from /3/, since its needed for the VN and fighting game format that I would like my work to be presented in.

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how the fuck do I approach character modeling. It makes no sense to me

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Sculpt naked character while naked yourself. Add clothes to character and remove geometry under clothes.

>> No.761528

>Images as Planes add-on
I was assuming you were using that to begin with.
Still, the "workaround" still works in that case as well.

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Ignore that it's a coomer video for coomers to coom to but how hard would it be to make a stage/environment (how do you guys call it?) like the one in

Just so you know, I've never done anything in 3D.
pic unrelated

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Got a file from someone and it brings up this nag screen on launch.

Anyone know what lines to alter in the .ma file to get rid of it?

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why do people model rooms like this...

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From my understanding, the straight edges are just there to act as "guides", because otherwise your loops will be all over the place once you start adding more edge loops or using the knife's midpoint cut option.

>> No.760700

not OP, but I think the question was about why keeping all walls, and floors connected with loops running through all of them instead of >>760610

>> No.760715


What kind of autistic answer is that. You won't get any shading issues if the faces remain flat (which they should). Most people who model like this are blendlets making their first unity horror games. Floor should be separated from the walls, same with the ceilings.

>> No.760892

You got to remember, in this day and age, PBR is a thing, and among those textures are displacements. So say the wall texture you use is that of a set of tiles, you're going to need a displacement map for realism, and that's where the smooth shading option comes in.

>> No.760904


Displacement existed before PBR.

>and that's where the smooth shading option comes in.

Blendlets can't possibly be this dumb. Displacement maps have nothing to do with shading, normal maps do. And all of this have nothing to do with wall topology.

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>Quixel Bridge
>Try to import asset
Textures do this, I've checked the uv maps and all and the problem seems to be in the imported textures themselves. They somehow get imported partially, a fifth of them is visible.
Does ANYONE know ANYTHING that I can do to maybe get one step closer to solving this piece of shit problem? Thank you.

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Use the question thread you dipshit. Why do you think we have an question thread?

>> No.760630

>Why do you think we have an question thread?
Questions go in the question thread, jackass.

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Its so obvious I can only assume you're new to 3d and thus I wont help you.

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it basically pops new artwork from artstation with artists profile link, everytime you open new tab
shit made me jealous at first but i think it's motivating me now
i never went on artstaions front page either anyways so i think this is nice way of catching up with next fuckery community is doing

>> No.760629

If it works for you, I say keep using it. Even if it means you're a fag.

Heck, I might even try it. Thanks OP for bringing this up.

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this board is complete garbage mixed in with actual useful things

>> No.760895

just like rest of 4chan
im doing my part

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