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Can someone convert the orc_clean.mb file into obj or an alembic file please?

I want to follow this tutorial but don't have maya

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You can use Blender if you're not afraid of its retarded AI and the the fact that it's missing a Bevel feature. It's compact and you don't even need to register!

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blender budget

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I'm also interested in this to follow along with C4D

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thanks very much senpai

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From the chatter I hear in the industry Blender 2.8 has Autodesk SHOOK. So, would it be resonable to say that you could use Blender now for your entire character creation/rendering pipleine?

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I use 3ds Max, but any free alternative is a hit against software like this.

Why do you think they give the students licence, trials, indie? It's to hook you up, allow you to spend time and effort, to get used to the product then you buy it.

So if there is an alternative, well they might lose a bit. Im not saying 50% but even 0,1% with those millions you mentioned, that's a lot.

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Well autodesk is definitely starting to take free alternatives more serious, i was a max user back when the software was developed by discreet, autodesk literally gave no fuck about us for the last 5 -10 years. Atleast they start to take us serious now.

Blender is pushing everyone in the industry to improve and my guess is that thanks to that we max users have a decent roadmap for our software.

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First of all, they are rewriting the almost 30 years old code, you know what that means? 3ds Max is going to be a totally new program, that won't take 4-5 Gb just to install and 2 min to start.

But its AutoDesk so fuck them really, If Blender will be just a bit better... well then Im moving to it

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Imagine thinking Blender is usable for rigging or animation

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Imagine thinking Blender is usable for rigging and animation

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What the fuck is wrong with MAYA?

I used Blender for a week, done some tutorials, everything was fine and smooth.

Then I decided to try Maya.
3 crashes in an hour.
One time this shit even crashed my GPU driver so my monitor went black.

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yeag maya is shit

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stg when i tried it out it was a pain to use because itd just stop fuckin working in the middle of using it

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Are you using it on a mac? Maya crashes WAAAAAAY more on Mac especially when using the hypershade and rendering stuff. Creating a simple shader always has a 3/10 chance to crash Maya on mac in my experience lol

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Don't use Mac, anon. If you do, you deserve all the shitty bugs you get.

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Work forces me to use Mac sometimes. You gotta work with what u got

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Why are there so few options for female genitalia in 3d modeling?

You would think there would be hundreds of assets but realistically speaking there's just 3-4 options.

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Just make your own genitals. It's not that hard.

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There are infinite options with 3d modeling.
Using already finished assets is not 3d MODELING. It's called being an lazy DAZ-fag. Use the containment thread you POS.

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>Cunningham's Law

How can he be a brainlet if employing such shrewd strats? Op is a brainlet only if Op is what he appears to be. But if he's trolling for links he's something allright, but not a let of brains.

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Modelling would be pretty simple but it's the rigging part I wonder about. There's a lot of loose flesh to push and pull and things like 'grip' for secondary animation.

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Does anyone know how to obtain free STL files (for 3D printing) from Paid sites or Artists?

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>Does anyone know how to obtain free STL files (for 3D printing) from Paid sites or Artists?
yeah, pay for them fucking looser.

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My dude:
Has all the STL shit you'd ever need.

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good question, if someone have that files share them, don't be a dick.

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Yeah, buy them you cheap fuck.
You can afford a good 3d printer and filament for detailed models but are to cheap to pay for models?

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Yeah, buy them you cheap fuck.
You can afford a good GPU and lots of RAM for detailed models but are too cheap to pay for a Maya subscription?

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new open source substance designer clone.

It's over for propietary tools.

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Because fuck you

Not everything revolves around your 3D meme software

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Blender is tainted
associating with it would be a mustache

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what is this source code shit
Do i have to compile this or what

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No, but you can.

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I find always lame hdris, i need a good cloudy background for a panorama shot.
Can you suggest me good places to find 'em?
Something like pic related

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I get all my HDRI images unclipped from https://hdrihaven.com/

its completely free and they rely on donations.

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hdrihaven is pretty good. I use them alot sometimes instead of professional ones. on some of them you will need to add and align a CG sun or your renders will look flat

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What is your opinion on each of the top 3D modeling software packages?

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Dear lord are you wrong. Even on your characterization of the programs, it's the exact opposite.

Sketchup is like modelling with playdoh. It's basically only useful for the most retarded euclidean archviz. Any architecture firm using Sketchup is dead in the water. The only firms using it are doing small residential projects, and doing most of their drawings in 2D in AutoCAD, or microstations, or something archaic. Administering a large project with Sketchup is impossible, let alone designing anything as intricate as a staircase, especially when you are constantly receiving change orders because of regulations.

Revit on the other hand isn't a 3d modelling program, and shouldn't be used for design, or for arch viz, or for fabrication, or for producing anything other than construction diagrams and documents. It's BIM software, that creates a 3d model of the building, in order to produce 2D drawings, organize them, and export them.

Rhino on the other hand is the architectural designer's jack of all trades.
It can export for 3d printing, laser cutting, rendering software, illustrator, handle CAD drawings/layouts internally. The ability to have it crunch data from GIS, or parameterize data in grasshopper gives it a level of precision that sketchup won't ever have. Even it's mesh handling capabilities are better than sketchup and revit, albeit it wasn't built for that.
As a design software, meant for working through the design process, nothing else has as many capabilities, even while it doesn't excel at any single capability.

But yeah, god help you if you're trying to construction documents in Rhino, especially on a project as large as a hospital or airport.

Now please, don't go talking about something you know absolutely nothing about.

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>It's basically only useful for the most retarded euclidean archviz.
As opposed to non-Euclidean ArchViz?

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Well yeah, actually, there's non-euclidean archviz out there, and Sketchup can't handle it.
But I originally meant cartesian geometry.
Just take a look at https://www.mir.no/ and tell me any of that stuff could be figured out in Sketchup.

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Im the head visualizer in a large firm. I work in 3ds max. Most of the sketchup files i receive I need to remodel in 3dsmax because they are so messy. However I understand that all architects and interior designers arent completly CG savy and they need to get their ideas out quickly. Sketchup is good for this as its easy to learn and fast. We document in revit and i would prefer to work with clean revit files than sketchup. Not enough people know Rhino that are talented designers but if they are then they are free to use itSo imo,

Sketchup best forCG unsavy designers,

Revit best for documentation

3dsMax best for visualization

Rhino if you are in to generative design

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>need to get their ideas out quickly
lmao, my dude.
If their ideas are so rudimentary, that they can be gotten out quickly in Sketchup, you've got problems.

But yeah, that's exactly what I mean, rhino is the jack of all trades, for the design process.
If you want a render that's going to win the competition or sell some condos, you've gotta go into a big boy software. But if you want a visualization for a design meeting, or for some sort of internal decision making, rhino gives you more options.

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He name Elliot

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Because it doesn't have enough 3D fine bois, chonks and Aw Lawd He Comin' posted in it.

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Meow meow I am a cat. Meow meow meow.

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I love Wendy Vanity's work. Outside art at its best!

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Bros I come to you in a time of great need.

I'm taking a class of 3D modelling in ZBrush and just can't get in the same channel as the instructor.

I need to render on Keyshot and the bridge doesnt work. However My real problem is that once on Keyshot I lose my RGB and as the faggot noob I am I dont know what to do.

What do I need to do here? I'm going insane. Have barely slept and can only work on the computers of My school.

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rookie mistake
learn to manage your time better and pay attention in class.

I havent used keyshot in years but I know zbrush. do you mean you lose your textures that you painted in zbrush? create an auto uv map in zbrush and export them

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Must be this. Thanks my dude.

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pls im searching what is the name of this effect or how to get it

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Oh yeah, there's a whole bunch of that in the question's thread! Try asking there instead.

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oh okay, thanks

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Looks like a VFX effect rather than any CGI anon.

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buy a shitty IR camera and shoot your face

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IR? That's entirely achievable in post with color correction.

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Bryce thread?

Got Bryce 3D running pretty well in an XP VM. I should try one of the newer builds sometime. There are much better tools out there for rendering heightmaps (more realistically) nowadays, but... muh a e s t h e t i c

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why VM ?
Bryce 7 runs fine in Win 10

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Why? Just use the latest one. It opens old scenes without problems.

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looks cool I guess

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>What is specular/roughness?

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bing bing whahoo?

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>t. retard

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No need to call yourself names. You'll figure out how to surf the interweb yet :)

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A deal is a deal anon

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what do you mean

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tell me about bane
why is he killing threads?

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Threads are literally dying for this spam, I'm gonna fucking freak

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Uh oh

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Uh oh

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Uh oh

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