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I need to find the best drawing tablet with screen, since I get too perfectionist on the way I draw.
Should I get GAOMON PD1560 tablet? I'm planning to make business with Krita, [Aseprite?], and Clip Studio Paint.

Knowing about Blender with the sculpt mode, I feel this would be more fun with a tablet.

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Oh, my bad. I'll look into the Drawabox site.

In the meantime, I feel Wacom Cintiq 13HD [Refurbished] is the best choice for me. Is this alright for me?

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It depends on your budget and what you want to do imo (only you really know what you want). If you're just starting out and getting a feel for it, a small one like that will be fine I guess.
I bought a small one though, and I kind of wish I had at least gotten a 22", I got a 13" one and it's fine, I just wish it was a bit bigger to get some more arm motion in there.
If you're just planning to sculpt with it and do some drawing though a 13" is fine. All I'm saying is that if you have the cash to go bigger you won't regret it.

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Alright, got it.
Thank you so much for the help, anons.

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>Cintiq 13HD

Don't get that one I had it so speak from experience. The screen on that one was different to the main line and looked totally dull. I would say even the cheap knock offs these days would be better looking than that one was.

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Elaborate, anon. I guess GAOMON PD1560 is the best choice?

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can /3/ make a website to self teach 3D to go from 0 to have the same knowlege and skills to produce top tier 3D?

Maybe like a self taugh guide or a blog or a github page with a curriculum to self teach yourself drawing, anatomy, modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, particles, visual effects, motion tracking, video editing, after effects and using cgpeer tutorials or free courses on youtube?

Or at least a proper pastebin?

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blender is awful

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Explain why

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Anon just give up now

You're not gonna make it

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I can't

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Back when I used to make shitty Unreal Tournament maps, texturing was trivial.
>use subtractive BSP/CSG to build out blocky level geometry
>literally just click on polygons to assign textures
>no need to handle unwrapping, scale and orientation is always correct, seamlessly tiles if adjacent polygons have the same texture, etc

Let's suppose I want to do something similar in Blender (or Modo, or any other programmable 3D package for that matter): Apply image textures to given polygons without having to manually unwrap them.
What exactly was Unreal doing behind the scenes to generate the correct UVs? Maybe it only worked due to the restrictive CSG system, and couldn't extend to arbitrary meshes?

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Also, to add to this, just make a simple level editor, it's really fucking easy to do, especially if you're only using single texture cubes. This would 100 times superior to using blender or whatever to build your levels, for obvious reasons.

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t. armchair programmer

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What do you mean? I've been dealing with this for nearly 10 years now. I'm not too familiar with DX, but I know OpenGL, and it's mainly what I use. What part of what I said is "armchair programming"?

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Look up UV by World Cordinate.

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The process is the same, those UVs are just calculated through the worldspace coordinates. Worldspace UVs are hardly super smart. It's just coords in a quad referencing a texture map that repeats for U/V>1 or <0. And I've never seen any editor guess the scale value of a texture. In general, these things are applied based on the primitives they are based off of, but I might be misremembering that part (this means that textures inherit the rotation of the object, but if you start actually moving verts around you're gonna have a bad time).

As an example, in hammer editor, which is a fairly simple and primitive editor, you can see that these two quads do not line up, because the bottom one was rotated and the top one was created as is. If I'm not mistaken, old UE editors behaved the same.

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some people should really just stop what they're doing since they obviously have no fucking idea what they're doing.

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Do the bog's own Daz too?

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I made this for you

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not cringe, just looks like those tiny polished stone decoration animals you can buy on christmas markets and stuff

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There's never been a better time to use Blender. 2.8 keeps opening new doors.

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aniamtion and rigging is what I do most so, that's not cool to hear

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>its full of gimmicks and i don't really need those for my work which is video editing and 2d effects
Do you use any special addons? I cannot get transitions and such to work, like fade-ins. The fades always start on the wrong frames or attach to the wrong clips. I've used Power Sequencer for some things but it doesn't always seem to work.

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"Nothing is intuitive, only familiar"

You only find things "intuitive" because it's what you're used to. Also you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded

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This. When you purchase an electric drill for instance, there is absolutely no difference between that tool being activated with a single button located where your index finger would be when holding it, or it having voice controls that listen to the sound of three chords that have to be played in sequence on a nearby five string violin, which isn't noted anywhere in the manual.

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A-Are you trying to describe z-brush with that second comparison?

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Yeah, i can understand why you would come to that conclusion, but as a matter of fact, I didn't do that image, nor do i use DAZ, i actually hate Dazlets and their fucking cringey shitty porn, BUT i am an free speech advocate and if i take this shit serious i have to defend every speech, not only what i find pleasing.
I absolutely hate the decision to make this board a blue board. Whoever did that should be constantly raped by AIDS infested niggers with giant cocks.

In the future if you find somebody raging against this blue board policy, and crying about censorship, Its probably me.

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>It shouldn't be a blue board, that's the point.

If this wasn't a blue board, idiots like you would shit up the place with your shitty DAZ porn.
Go eat a dick that you crave so much.

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Have you read the thread you spastic retard. I don't do Daz and i hate dazlets. I agree DAZ should be banned or at least put into a containment thread, but people sculpting anatomy from scratch should be allowed to do nudes without retarded tranny mods coming in here and censoring stuff.
An single NSFW threat would be fine too.

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Only work I'm ever proud of is late after the fact and 2d. Like drawing when I was a lil tike. Proud of those. Mini me had so much drive to succeed. Wish me luck younger self, goin back to school Monday and I am not ready.

I'd like to point out that there is actually a nude rigging thread right now, you're allowed to sculpt anatomy from scratch and discuss it here. But porn is porn bub

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>I don't do Daz and i hate dazlets.
Of course, dazlet.
That's also why you come out of the woodwork INSTANTLY when the blacked daz stuff got removed.
There are plenty of nude sculpts around on this board that are not meant to be pornographic and your trollporn shit gets rightfully removed.

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Trying a new workflow where I can make pixel art from 3D renders using color pallethes and indexed images.

Pls rate.

Blender 2.79 + GIMP

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Yo someone let me know if I'm crazy, but I'm getting some serious Deja Vu from this thread.
This has been posted here before right? Like years ago. I swear I've seen this thread before, or in a dream or something.

Fucking weird. What a shit thread to trigger it.

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Black hair, brown skin, black shirt, brown shoes.....

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OP is a notorious shitposter who makes a lot of models similar to this, so you're not crazy.

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That's a relief. Thanks anon.

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Hi guys, recently I've been doing some casual 3D modelling, for various things, work, home, fun, whatever.

At the moment I'm trying to convert some models from games into 3D files, I just wanted to run my method by people and see if I'm doing things correctly.
So all of these files are in odd formats, usually I'm able to get an .obj or .stl out at the end, but these are generally low poly models which are missing lots of detail (which are textured in). At the moment I am opening these files in Inventor, and drawing up corresponding sketches, essentially just tracing these objects, forming the proper solids and then modelling my own changes. I do this because many of the models are always incomplete and I can easily make changes, and also because I can then produce much higher quality models which can split and actually made into functional parts that can be assembled. My concern is there might be a quicker way to do it, since I always have some simple 3d file as a starting point (presumably turning a mesh into a set of sketches is absurd) or that there is a better way, since a lot of the time I feel like I'm eyeballing things so they line up with the mesh I have. Software recommendations would also be appreciated for this sort of stuff.

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What's the minimum I need to know and which discipline should I focus on?

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>Find out dirt on rich people
Didn't end well fpr Epstein, did it?

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>but never said anything about the risk of being suicided.

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Look for openings calling for piping designers, at the base minimum you need to know AutoCAD which isn't difficult to learn.

You don't start out making good money but once you job hop a few times you'll get up there.

For the most part you are just modeling cylinders tho, I know that would make some people kill themselves doing this everyday

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shit, might as well just learn some C4D/AE and do mograph and move to LA and make 500-700/day

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I'd rather not live on the Coast tyvm

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What's the difference between an obj and an fbx? We got asked that in a test today and I think I fucked it up.

It's mainly the animation capabilities right? For static objects, there's no reason not to use an .obj right?

Pic related they are cute ducks that a thread died for

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>> No.694335

And both answers could be found quickly by fucking google in a matter of (milli)seconds.
The sentiment of the other anon is completely understandable.
Nobody EVER should expect to be treated nice, who doesn't show the courtesy of putting some effort into answering questions for himself by just fucking type it into google.

Amount of sex, grumpiness, age and choice of software has nothing to do with it you fucking stinking and retarded ADD and AIDS invested subhuman pile of shit and flesh.

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Stop projecting shitbird.

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Choose your fighter, one will try to keep you save and sound, the other three will try to kill you, be wise

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Give me one good reason as to why you're still using this over Blender.

>> No.694272

havnt touched SFM in 5+ years but in many ways SFM is alot easier/more intuitive than blender regarding animation.

also if youre a talentless faggot you can get all sorts of pre-made models to make porn with

>> No.694272,1 [INTERNAL] 

Las mejores de la ciudad


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The Ik rigs.

Setting up a Ik rig is jarring, and using auto IK rigging requires to scrap what you already have. So meaning you need to learn good weighting. And the only Ik rigs for bledner is overwatch stuff.

Everyone also sets their IK rigs differently. So you have to learn the gimmicks of someone else Ik rigs.

SFM, for most is just a simple plug and play, a simple animators tool for hobbies who just want to animation things in a non time consuming way.

>> No.694311

Models and maps ready out of the box
Auto IK rig script
Easy to switch from IK to FK
No need to mess with weight mapping
Maps that don't need converting
User friendly interface

>> No.694377

Camt you use deformation cages in blender though? No weight mapping needed.

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Do you usually prefer studio lighting for your stuff, indoor ones or atmospheric nature shit?

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but how do you add a ground plane into the render or should everything be floating?

>> No.694289


>> No.694296

What exactly do you want to achieve?

>> No.694308

i want the object to look like its rooted and sitting on the ground instead of floating in space...

>> No.694315

At a job some years ago I used this tool that converted HDRIs into full light rigs at the press of a button, can't remember the name, also never used it again.

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Well at least i trid to modelize a coherent face but a.... Well

Where should I start ?

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is it this?

>> No.695049

Haha no it was something else.

>> No.695072

It's bad because he didn't ask "how to make this shape", mongoloid. He probably doesn't even understand shapes in the first place.

>> No.695081

>people like you easily confuse the "muh drawing skills" with what it actually practices,
I think you're missing the point, which is that drawing is just better to learn form than 3d, because it's just quicker to experiment with and because it forces you to visualize form. Not to mention the tools tend to get out of your way. Even if you go the loomis route, imagine practicing with basic forms like cubes and cilinders and so on, and how much more convoluted that is in 3d compared to drawing a few lines in a piece of paper.

>with what it actually practices, which is observation skills
Observation skills is far from the only thing drawing practices. You can add visualization, feeling form, suggesting form, values, general shape and form awareness (for studying), dexterity, error management and acceptance, and probably some other things, and most of these are notoriously dificult to practice in 3d alone. It's a "the right tool for the job" mindset, nothing more; drawing is better to learn art.

Make no mistake, anyone who's good at 3d is not a stranger to drawing, so stop literally SEETHING and grab your pen and paper, it's not that hard.

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My point was that you can practice those things in three dimensions as well, and for that matter the act of drawing isn't necessary. I will agree with you that it may be simper and removes some tools/software barrier that someone not familiar with 3D will have, but if you're familiar with ie. Zbrush though, then there's no real reason to practice volumes/form/shape/etc with a discipline that is not your end goal.

Overall I think we agree but to me it all depends on how familiar or not you are with the tools and what you want to focus on first. Personally I would learn the soft and then anatomy, but someone who would want to learn anatomy/form first then yes, drawing would do the trick.

Finally, no need to use buzzwords and caps, mate - I'm not some trolling blendlet. And just so you know, as a happily employed senior 3D generalist I can admit I'm shit at drawing but learned the necessary complementary skills via other things like photography and traditional sculpting. So yes, drawing is useful, but let's not pretend it's 100% mandatory or even the most productive thing to do for someone who wants to focus entirely on 3D.

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What cgpeers rigging series will let me learn how to make helper and control bones to properly deform hops, shouldare, and buttocks? I can't find anything on this shit. It's always basic ass bipeds that deform horribly and can't even twist the hips without freaking the fuck out.

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it's impossible to weight paint in a way that fixes volume collapse on all three axes of rotation though.

>> No.694208

>shilling some shitty autorig in 2019

>> No.694209

>t. dunning kruger

>> No.694211


Doesn't matter if the skeleton is placed randomly in each model. It's infuriating how shit rigging is still in the current year.

>> No.694216

why are you placing joints randomly? what?

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>be me in high school
>write shitty python script, feel like leet hax0r

>be me now
>friend asks if i know python
>"yeah sure i do"
>"cool can you write me a 3D model importer for an obscure JP-only racing game for Blender"

i wanna help him but i dunno where to start. how do i learn to do this?

>> No.694169


Though chances are modeling the whole thing from scratch will take less time.

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Tell him "no".

There, problem solved!

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I'm new to /3dcg/ and have only done the tutorial and a couple hours of playing around in blender, should I get a tablet or use a different software before I get too invested?

>> No.694132

Unless you're planning to sculpt or paint, probably not. As for different software, it depends on what you want to do (architectural modeling, motion graphics, simulation, character animation, texturing, etc.) Blender CAN technically do everything and the skills you'd acquire will mostly carry over, it's just a question of how much time you'd be wasting.

If you want something different to try out that has an easy learning curve, I'd go with Cinema 4D, SketchUp and maybe Daz Studio.

>> No.694163

First learn some 3d fundamentals: things like maps, normal, light, Uvs, etc.
Later you a decide what kinda 3d work you want to do.

If you are a dirt hobbist you can learn a bit of everything and be a shit modeler, shit sculptor, shit animator, shit texture painter, shit vfx artist, shit game devoleper, shit technical artist, all this at the same time.

>> No.694164

>If you are a dirt hobbist you can learn a bit of everything and be a shit modeler, shit sculptor, shit animator, shit texture painter, shit vfx artist, shit game devoleper, shit technical artist, all this at the same time.
So... a 3D generalist?

>> No.694168

nah that's not the same
skilled generalists are the most valuable resource there is, though the range of skills is a bit more limited than what you guys listed (skip things like animation and whatever game developer means in this context)

>> No.694298

sorry 2 hear

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>Advanced Skeleton has been out for literally 20 years
>blender still has nothing even close

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like you even use all of those features lmao
go back to making hentai dolls

>> No.694229

Sounds cool
Why isn't everyone using it?

>> No.694249

It's pretty much the same as just unwrapping each quad to a separate square. Just A, U -> Reset, go to UV editor, A, P.
>Why isn't everyone using it?
It makes the texture file itself a useless mess that you can't edit later.

>> No.694421

So uhhh...Why would anyone use that then?

>> No.694545

ptex is for those guys that need to justify their Mari licenses

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I went to school about 5 years ago for 3d for 2 years and learned maya pretty well. I had one interview after I graduated but failed it hard when asked how to repeat a texture (tile). The interviewer just looked disgusted after that.

I gave up for a while but then learned how to program c++ and use opengl. Now im flipping burgers and doing 3d as a hobby. I recently had to abandon my opengl engine because the tutorials for basic shit just isnt there. Im wondering if I should spend the next 6 months learning unreal and how to import / manipulate assets in it and program it with c++ and build a folio apply into the industry again so i can get out of my burger flip.

Just how in demand is unreal now? I dont have a degree in maths, just a 2 year 3d animation certificate and a liberal arts degree.

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>22 y old
>at 18 went to uni on the most useless specialization but for free just to get bachelor degree
>1 year ago started to enjoy drawing and 3d modeling
>have 0 time and patience to study it myself
>made almost 0 progress doing it for fun every weekend
>have to study one more year to finish shitty bachelor
>won't find a single job with this degree
Should I just leave university and buy some courses online? Maybe 3d school?

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I don't get this. You spent 50k and 2 years of your life to learn a trade and you give up after one interview? Nigga keep applying. Are you gonna give up on the rest of your life die to one bad 1 hour interview?

>> No.695310

hijacking this thread because I got similar question, and can't post because a fag got my ip-range blocked.

I learned actuarial science but I honestly suck at it, got interested in animating and learning blender currently.

Maya or Blender to animate porn? which got more resources in this field for free? thanks

>> No.695316

Maya for animation.
Blender for the free learning resources.

...suck it up and learn Maya.

>> No.695318


or... get a c++ dev job...?

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