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No, you could use open source software if it wasn't shit.
I give Blender a few more years to catch up.

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The more time it passes the less "meme" blender becomes.

The less meme blender becomes, the more atractive it becomes to small studios.

Eventually the price advantage and being open source becomes atractive enough to some small studios to move to blender.

Eventually these small studios will simply pay for blender support to develop custom made new features.

After this, big studios will join, since they know see other players moving to blender and their corporate managers see is not a risky move.

That day, the industry will move to blender.

We will win in the end, It's not a sprint, but a long marathon.

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Big boys with big studios and hundred thousand of people subdivided into specific task will inevitably chose specific tool that does that specific part of job that nothing lese comes to close to. Blender is a general package, big studios don't care about general package and atm blender doesn't have a 'killer feature' that no one else has or/and nowhere near the quality. What Blender can do is dominate small to medium sized production teams and basically pull the Adobe move, having some very strong hard to compete core features and everything else tightly integrated where you don't need to fuck around with translating one thing into another program as it is done for you FAST.
Funny enough, there is this one segment of 3D market that is rising up while being made of (if we compare to holiwood tier production teams) small to medium sized studios and yeah, Blender Foundation is not hiding it and putting it in their new versions preview trailers.

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Our studio can talk to a dev for Houdini and Maya in literally under 30 minutes. We've had problematic behavior patched in hours.

That's what we pay for.

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>Eventually these small studios will simply pay for blender support to develop custom made new features.
-You are somewhere here-
>After this, big studios will join, since they know see other players moving to blender and their corporate managers see is not a risky move.

Look up the Supporters of Blender. One from the top of my head is studio Khara (Hideaki Anno's current Studio, the guys who are making the Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuilds) is using Blender for everything and Grease Pencil was their push with 2.8.
Nvidia has 2 fucking fulltime programmers that are there only to implement, optimize and polish CUDA and OptiX support for Blender.

Blender fucking everything in the arse isn't something far off in the far future anymore, it is already happening and people are still in denial.

Exhibit A:
>this has strong "here's how bernie can still win" vibes
Meanwhile you'll find people claiming on >>>/POL/ that Trump can still win or that he let Biden "win" but is still pulling the strings in the background. That's what you call the Kobe Steak of COPE.

Exhibit B:
This entire fucking board that even created a (((containment))) general so that Blender doesn't go all fucking Boston Tea Party on their asses.

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okay blendlet

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Exhibit C:

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get out phone faggot

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mimi/clover niggas get the rope

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Why is my texture painting so fucking ugly bros? I have no idea how to use colours in a way that doesn't look like a middleschooler's drawing. am also using a mouse. any good videos on proving this garbage?

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>try doing something for only 30 minutes
>go on online forums complaining that you suck
imagine my shock

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i don't paint but i'm painting now and it's bad for some reason??? is this a bug in the software? somebody help me google for tutorials

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Maybe you could spare some polygons for those collars? They look too relaxed

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>female pyramid head
I don't know how to feel about this.

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for starters i'd lower the texture resolution quite a bit. your textures are not exactly detailed, but way too sharp for such a low-poly model. use the textures you've already painted as a general template for where things like pouches, eyes etc. will go, watch a few pixelArt tutorials and redraw them manually in low resolution and with a limited color palette - maybe this will make it look more old-timey.
on the plus side: i think the mesh itself looks fine and your proportions are all correct

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When creating a character
is it better to start with the head or feet?

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Always the head, face is complex and if you have any sort of vision you'll lose it if you focus on other aspects

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I start with the belly and moobs

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i start with the boobs and then the penis. the stumps are easy but the scars have to look right, and for the face i usually go to the local taxidermist and use photogrammetry on whatever they have lying around.

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Where is your audience going to look first?

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Noita Hiisi Sengen Edition


Post your wands and builds

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what are the best addresses for quality commissions ?

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Depends what you're commissioning and what your price range is.

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Are you kidding me? Half of those "artists" just sell random renders of models they didn't even make. Fucking scam artists more like.

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I was assigned to make the Lego Mystery machine for my 3D modeling class and I'm trying to find some good references online to work with but haven't had any luck finding any.

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Yes stud.io exports to OBJ.

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LDraw,LDD or Stud.io
If you want to use them as reference or just outright cheat your homework and export said models that's up to you

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No, Stud.io exports to .dae. Mecabricks,some Ldraw plugin and Stud.io's part designer export to obj.

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why do you care if he cheats

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I don't. But his teachers might think differently.

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I have to make hundreds of rooms in blender outfitted with doors, windows, materials, baked ambient occlusion.

All I have to go off of are DXF floor plans.

Anyone know the best way to approach building your own parametric workflow? Should I be a loser and just use a plugin or set my own shit up? Anyone know some good resources?

Pic related, was thinking of buying this book.

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>hundreds of rooms

Hundreds? What shit situation have you ended up in? rofl

If it was me I'd just trace the floorplans (pretty sure blender itself, or an addon might be able to do this for you), extrude the walls to ceiling height and boolean the windows out.

How long can it possibly take?

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it's hourly pay so i guess it could be worse, it's just tedious

i have a process like that set up, it takes about 4 hours per room to get everything right. i'm exporting them as gltfs so they need the right node set up, ambient occlusion, etc

looking into streamlining as much as possible - placing windows and doors without booleans for instance

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how much time do artists spend:
a) browsing through google images for inspiration (not specifically for references)
b) browsing through portfolio websites seeing what other artists do
c) observing in reality to get inspiration

and in general, how important is inspiration? do artists just do stuff from scratch or do they spend a huge amount of time searching for inspiration?

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Honestly if you take an entire day to gather reference it is very much well worth it. Especially if its a portfolio piece. If your reference is 5 images, you need to find more ref or choose a different object to model. You want something more like 25-50 at least.

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it's still bruh. you compare lemons and oranges. it's just plain stupid and ngmi

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It was a reply to this
>Doing any kind of art without reference is like doing it blind.
Obviously 2D and 3D is not the same thing, retard.

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I was going to clarify about blind artists in my original post, but I thought you guys weren't retarded enough to go there since it was obvious what my intent was.
Turns out I was wrong.

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This. Understanding power of great reference images was key for improving my workFlow

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How do you bros feel that someone can literally put scrolling text on a plane and sell it for 16.6ETH ($32K right now)


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Big artists are dusting off their old twitter accounts. They're all going to get rich and you'll get nothing.

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>s girl for 1.3k
LOL too old and too ugly

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I'll try making an article on the likely downfall of NFT and Cryptoart
In case my laptop wipes all of my shit again, here's the research sources that I might use

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>>808068 (cont.)

always open to suggestions

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>>808069 (cont.)
tagging for reference

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why are tutorials for creative stuff so much worse than programming tutorials?

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They are not.

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Ask me how I know that you're exclusively using Blender.

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>wanting to leak trade secrets for either

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>>I like stealing from tutorials to sell as NFTs
get bent

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because artists are retarded and dont know how to do research so its easy to scam them

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recreated the Hololive logo in 3D using Blender

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Please leave and NEVER EVER come back.

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4channel is an anime image board

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Please leave, I beg of you.

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I started blender last week and put a few hours into it I made this flan doll thanks for looking I will come back in about a year to post progress bye.

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thats pretty cute
good luck

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now make her step on me

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sexy hot mama

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cute flan

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Works on my machine

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blender does that if it doesn't have room to display them, edit > preferences > interface > resolution scale

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thank you anon

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why haven't you taken the western pill instead of animu CGI?

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I do plenty of 2d, but it's tough to transition to 3d. Whenever I keyframe it looks like floaty shit. Like it eases in and out in every pose when I don't intend for it to be

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Tweak your motion/channel curves then.

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You know a good cheat sheet or graph editor compilation?

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What do you mean by 'cheat' ?

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Thanks! Something like that. I kind of want to seehow the graph editor looks via applications like bouncing balls or movement.

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>scanned with a phone
enlighten me how to make 3d scans with my iphone 7 pls

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you just take 50 pictures or so and drag and drop them in meshroom, you save the project and after that the program does all the work, it has a big fat start button.

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thanks for the link :)

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Does the uploader mention what specific phone he used?
Some phones have semi decent 3D scanners.
I did gif related with my Note10+.

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The newest iPhones have LIDAR depth sensing built in, so they might not have used a technique that'll work on your iPhone 7.

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Photogrammetry app

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Poorfag here
Does anyone know where can I get a pirated copy of pic related?


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Damn, you are actually retarded. Good luck with that.

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It's free for Blender and DAZ

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does octane work on mac yet?

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yes, octane x

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I think latest cracked Octane was version 3? Its ok, but it doesnt have adaptive sampling or ai denoiser, so your render times will be huge

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>Blender sculpt can't produce quality work
I just made this yesterday

>but is shit.

99% of this board can't do better.

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based proper poster

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So you just assume someone didn't sage based on nothing hours later and multiple non-saged posts afterwards and then go and announce your sage while posting a tumblr filename image.
Keep up the quality posts.

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Damn, this board sucks.

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I assumed (correctly) that he didn't know how to sage because >>807015 says:
>falls for bait
>responds to bait
>bumps the bait

Only a nub doesn't know about sage. Seems like you might be pretty new, too, especially since you seem to give a shit about file names. Seethe harder, little nub.

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there is a youtube video of an animated version, not sure if its welcome to post such links here, but here ya go.


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So... THIS is the power of Blender!

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yes and im a rookie a pro would do much better

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