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Hi there, i'm looking for a 3D artist to work on a game with me. Its a train simulator... to be specific, its a shinkansen simulator. I hope there are some professional people here. if you want to know more, please email here: "japanbullettraindev@gmail.com"
I need many people so ya.

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is this a good way to map a face?

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how do i make this into a sexy anime woman

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be asian?

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Feel the form.

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Do we really need two fucking troll threads at the same time, which say the very same thing:
"Look at me! Look at me! I'm a bad artist and I'm using Blender to create this image, so Blender must be bad."

So fuck off, fanboys, and become better artists instead of prancing around with your "sUpeRiOr soFtwArE".
You are annoying and no one likes you.

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OP didn't say anything about Blender, though.

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Dang man you already have. You can't post xxx material on blue boards.

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He is a model I created while experimenting with SculptGL

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This looks absolutely gorgeous I can't believe anyone could make something so beautiful.

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I like his big juicy lips

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Did you even use reference John looks nothing like that.

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He is looking a bit skinny, I hope you are keeping him well fed.

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Potato knishes

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nobody here is a professional, so why do u care about blender vs professional tools.

The last movie spring, looked like profesional shit to me and 99% of clients will be impressed by it.

>but muh industry
nobody here works in the industry since nobody here beyond blendlets post any kind of OC and I've never seen any professional render here.

>but muh money I'll make with top tools
like I said, spring is good enough to make money doing some comercial or arch visualization or any client work.

>but I need to work in the industry
again, you don't have the skills because you're a fat neckbeard who doesn't post your work.

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there are some who you could call industry professionals.
The programs have differences you can make a decent product with any of them.
To make 50k a month all you need is blender a bit of skill and a stomach to make gay furry inflation porn.
And they are seething because the chad 3d porn artists work less and make more.

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your standards are low, cris

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please stop posting here. You have 5+ threads up. Mods please do something about it for fucks sake.

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nobody fucking needs another X vs blender thread
fuck off the board already frogshitter, you sink thread after thread with your inane bullshit

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Mods, please do something about cris. It's a repeat of this in every creative board.

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Here is an animation I made, it features a Spider-Man and Venom team up against Carnage, as well as a fight between Venom and Carnage at the start. Everything you see I created entirely on my own from scratch, all modeling, rigging, lighting, animation, ncloth, simulations and rendering. The project was rendered using Vray. The voice of Spider-Man and Carnage are my own and my brother voices Venom. Hope you all like it!


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it still calibrates itself and the resulting recommendations based on what you watch.

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I'm a novice myself but just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this. Thought I would just click off after 30 seconds but I'm 3 minutes in now. Think I'll finish it. Keep up the good work and continue to improve.

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Honestly great job dude.
Obviously there's room for improvement but others have already covered that.
You should be proud of your achievement of taking something like this from start to finish.

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Not perfect but definitely not bad. I honestly can't wait to see more, please keep it up. I know that you'll only get better.

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Not bad. Animation is pretty janky at times, and nearly all of it lacks any kind of inertia and follow through, not to mention weight a lot of the time. Camera wasn't terrible though, you avoided that trope of using a 3d camera to do ridiculous circle shots and weird angles (at least until they started swinging). Lighting and materials overall could have used work, especially the shiny bits.

But yeah, biggest thing was how janky some of the animation was, but I'm not going to pretend I have the patience to sit there and animate something like that. So yeah, nice work, if anything for the dedication to actually animate something that long.

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It just works :-)

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The only thing I’m grateful for in regards to SFM is the fact it made learning animation in Blender so much easier. Aside from that, SFM is useless.

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>God tier UI
based retard

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Its UI is abysmal though.

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Thats blender.
Especially for animating. God what a shit.

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Epic fail

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Every single man on this board is a virgin, a child predator, gay, and dead in real life. Your dick has been cut off in real life. I’m making a model argument, and since the arguments in your pants are tiny, the court is ruling in my favor. At this point you have a complete inability to pretend you aren’t virgins.

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>Every single man on this board is a virgin
and that, of course, includes you as well

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every woman on the planet has outed as having sex with me. Objection over-ruled.

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Hi I am a 15 year old virgin. I have never had sex, I've never been kissed on the lips, and I've never been kissed on the cheek. I want to find a girl who will love me forever. I want her to smother my face with kisses with her amazing lipstick on a daily basis. I want her to let me kiss her vagina for 3 hours straight. I want to cuddle her every single night and have sex with her (condoms of course because children are gay). I want to love her. I want her to love me. I don't want to be lonely. I know I'll find someone someday. If I find nobody, I will honestly kill myself. I want to be loved. If you are a girl between the age of 18 and 69, please send me nudes on my instagram: Racurtis_1022 , my DMs are open to all. Thanks, much appreciated.

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Op here!
VIRGIN ALERT. Are you gunna marry her? No? Than what do you care what she looks like? LMAO (laughing my ass off). You're just there to smash P U S S Y. That's 1 thing virgins just don't understand. They wait for the perfect anime girl and ignore all the rest. Guess what. JUST SMASH THE PUSSY AND SHUT THE FUCK UP. Maybe one day you'll learn, but until that day you'll remain a little virgin boy x3. I've smashed 90 YEAR OLD PUSSY , I've smashed 700 POUND PUSSY , I don't care. At the end of the day, I get laid, and you don't.

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>Every single man on this board is a virgin

oh thank god

i thought someone stole my virginity for a second

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Im a beginner level student, looking for archvis tutorials or even a course, but I struggle to find anything worthwhile.

What would you recommend?
Im an architecture student will mainly do 3ds max stuff but don't know if its worth it.

Your opinions would be appreciated

Pic related, that's what I want to be able to render in the future

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I have the right to be a cheeky cunt because I'm better than you and you didn't post your stupid question in the stupid questions thread.

Or because I'm not interested.

>> No.713997

Well, sure buddy I bet.

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Try VizAcademy, or Udemy it can be some help

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>What would you recommend?
Going into construction mgt?

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Unreal Engine has a full course on it for free (technically i think it is a couple of smaller courses stitched together so they might repeat shit)
you gotta get the Epic launcher and Unreal Engine then hit the "Unreal Online Learning" section to find courses, then search for "Learning Paths" it should be the top one.

I have done the other intro courses but not this one, the archvis one looks pretty fucking massive too.
Here is one of many webinars they put out on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWBaZnY25RI
looks like most of the archvis people love it for the VR stuff as they can be in the room and edit things in front of them.

Not sure how old the tutorials are but most of them talk about importing models from 3ds max, if you use Blender or another program be sure to read up how to import correctly.

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how do you think i can improve?

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it does reflect popularity and interest and real market share numbers are hard to find. Too often you'll see Maya in the same cluster as Photoshop. Additionally Blender is not analyzed as it does not sell the product.

>> No.714265

>real market share numbers are hard to find.
True. Go visit a few studios though, and you'll have a better guess of market share.

There are many more hobbyist than professionals, and Blender is the preferred tool by the former. It's no surprise that it would be higher in Google Trends despite having barely any presence in professional environments.

>> No.714286

Imagine wanting to be Dwight Scrottum.

>> No.714308

maybe start by not making an ugly ass monstrosity. Then, watch some tutorials and get better.

>> No.714309

thanks fag, very cool

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anybody got this raihan mmd model before it got taken down?

pic and link related


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What's it like developing VR experiences / games? Right now I have no headset and my GPU is tooold, but I imagine that the possibilities for making new, fun stuff is sky high. Can I use based unity in VR or what? Do you have to keep taking your headset on / off?

The only thing I have that is somewhat similar to VR is a 3d vision monitor and the glasses, and its a huge pain in the ass to make anything with it since it never really took off

>> No.713861

besides the vr stuff (nausea stuttering etc) you have to address, the only real rule you should follow is use real sizes for objects.
For creating I can see no advantage for vr.

>> No.713868

how is unity for VR?

>> No.713894


>> No.713902

I've done some VR projects in Unity. It's probably the easiest engine to use with VR.

Yes, you have to keep putting the headset on and off, it's a pain in the ass and don't even mention developing for Android VR, that's terrible. Compare it to normal unity where you just hit play and that's it.

So yeah, developing for VR is more frustrating but it's not like there's another way to make VR applications so if that's what you like, go ahead. The VR market is still new and people haven't figured out most things yet (specially locomotion) so there's a lot of room for innovation.

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Now that everyone and their grandma + every pajeet and chink are taking up all the /3/ jobs, how are you preparing for homelessness?

>Where do I sleep
Preferably have a van you can sleep in else try finding a homeless shelter

>Where do I get free electricity and internet
Starbucks or local coffee shop

>Where do I shower
Try getting a gym membership and use their showers but don't let them know you're homeless

>> No.713824

>he keeps reposting his literal garbage thread every time it slides off the board

>> No.713825

It's probably worth knowing still.

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Nice work

>> No.713821

We already have a DAZ thread

>> No.713829

utter dogshit. The fuck is going on with the panty straps just phasing out of existence?

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Am I crazy to wonder if there’s anyone out there that could possibly replicate this for 3D printing? These figures never got produced. Huge missed opportunity in my opinion

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What a retarded thread

>> No.714058

Freeloader detected.

>> No.714059


DIdnt ask for it’s for free. You know gown to read faggot? I’ve been asking for a quote. You guys bitch and moan but I have yet to hear anyone actually come up with an offer. Proves you guys are all fucking morons

>> No.714085

if you are serious you would have posted an offer up front
me? I'd do it for 2.2k

>> No.714136

kill yourself. You literally just did what I said you would
>say he could get someone he knows to do it for even less.
>I’ve already checked with other artists

What are you still doing here?

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What does Blender need in order to finally kill paid/licensed 3D software?

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Most of the code in Blender is copyrighted by the Foundation. The argument could be made that developers are contributing under the Foundation's copyright. They have no further say.

If Blender were sold to Autodesk and made proprietary, the GPL version would increasingly lag behind with every new version. Good luck trying to fight with open source a corporation with enough funds and determined to sink a competitor.

>> No.714035

Auto retopology

>> No.714049

painting textures need to improve - their new sculpt dev wants to make blender equivalent to krita and substance painter and he is capable of doing this, so it's handled
baking textures needs to improve - which they plan to do soon
rigging/animation needs to improve - which they plan to do this year
procedural geometry would be nice - which everything nodes is for
content manager - which is still being made
CAD TOOLS for precision modelling

better retopo/uv tools could be nice, but the new polybuild tool is great for retopo

blender's future is looking really good, though a better video editor and better cloth tools would be nice too

>one click solution to bake normals
could be done by scripts

proper fbx support isn't coming because autodesk wont share, also the whole industry is moving away from fbx to gltf

usd is already being supported

blender is more extendable than maya with scripts

>try to make a particles system using the Houdini/TP paradigm
everything nodes is going to allow procedurally defined particle systems

there is a new remesh tool in 2.81 that gets you 99% of the way there...

>> No.714067

>proper fbx support isn't coming because autodesk wont share
FYI there's already an fbx add-on on Blender Market. It's 25 USD though.

>> No.714080

>Good luck trying to fight with open source a corporation with enough funds and determined to sink a competitor.

Someone could (doesn't mean would but could) step in and establish what is essentially a new Blender Foundation to then hire the same people that the current Foundation already hires to contribute code to Blender.
Those people aren't employees, they're more like freelance contractors (though structurally it sounds almost more like grants, but legally it's probably closer to freelancing) so those people wouldn't have employment contracts that automatically go to Autodesk.
What they've contributed so far might become Autodesk's property, but I don't believe you can retroactively remove the GPL protection on anything that's already been done so Autodesk couldn't do anything to stop those developers from working on what they've already been working on (unlike in other corporate asset situations).

So COULD there be a lag? Yes, if no one stepped up to continue the Foundation.
But unless everyone at the foundation got paid off by Autodesk and then also someone continued to be paid to NOT establish a new Foundation (and their motive for doing so is that the Foundation is lucrative and they already have the skills to do it) or an entity like it, I just don't think it would work for Autodesk.
I'm a bit sleepy and I don't feel like structuring my points in a rigorous way but I hope you get what I'm saying.

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Is there any diference between rigging for games and animation?

I was looking at the blender rigging course (the OLD DVD) and it's nice, but it goes into making really complex rigs.

My question is that rigging for games implies such complex rigs or are they simpler?

>> No.713759

What are you on, OP? Blender can't do complex rigs.

>> No.713760

ignore him. Look at the catalog and see how many threads he posted.
Cris please stip fucking up this slow board and ask on /agdg/

>> No.713777

who the fuck is this guy anyway
why is he here
why does he sink our threads

>> No.713793

a colombian schizo from /agdg/, won't take feedback, just spams boards and threads with questions, pepes and "pls rate"
mods don't do shit

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How do u export the diferent rigs as a single animation from blender into godot.

I have the normal rig, but also a rig for her long animu hair and another rig for the skirt dress.

But I can't get the three rigs to become a single animation in godot.

Any idea to make this easier or simpler?

>> No.713741,1 [INTERNAL] 

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Where are they?

You can stream pirated hollywood garbage but not pirated knowledge?

>>inb4 cgpeers

no steams only, no downloads

>> No.713726

try bitchute, its p2p

>> No.713729

What a trashy picture.

>> No.713740

nothing there mate

>> No.713889

Are you stuck in the 90s? Early 00 maybe? Do you not have hard drive space for videos?

cgpeers it faggot

>> No.713906

>ou can stream pirated hollywood garbage but not pirated knowledge?
Both are copyright and carry the same penalty the one that gets more views (and ad revenue) is the movies, why would anyone stream tutorials?
buy a hard drive, download qtorrent and stop complaining.

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>> No.713724

>>Clean Geometry

Ha Ha Haaaaa

>> No.713730

What's the deal with SteamCell? It sounds as if those guys are trying to monopolize PBR or some shit, but in actuality their service doesn't seem that useful.

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