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pls rate.


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A thread died for this/10.

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How did people pose capes before Dforce? I have a non Dforce cap and cannot figure out how to work it, any loaded pose wrecks it

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whats this gen about?

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Are the polygons going to start looking real creepy and I wont be able to continue sculpting a model without losing my mind or is the uncanny part avoidable and really only people that are shit at making 3d models victim to it?

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Ayy lmao

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dude what it's literally a bunch of triangles

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how do I make the pattern work?

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Don't remember SW clearly, but the CirPattern1 feature probably wants a body/feature to pattern and a sketch to pattern it with.
You need to make a circular sketch on the plane you want to pattern it on.

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It'll only do a pattern as shown in the screenshot it won't let me select the whole sketch

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we get it, you like gayfaggots

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This guy knows what he's doing. Gotta get those Blender fans to donate to his patreon; they love it when Autodesk fans cross over to Blender and "like it"

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Anyone with experience tweaking ripped game models know how to work with the facial expressions? I only started 3D modelling like a week ago, and primarily because I have an autistic desire for the Masked Man in smash. if there's a more efficient way to get that exact expression I want that isn't manually deleting, hiding or unlinking every expression individually then i'd love to know.

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Smash? SMASH?!!!


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animation cycles

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>Masked Man
excuse my rosterfagging
do people really want another PSI user? another swordsman on top of that? Do people still think Porky is too big as an excuse for more of these dudes?

i get he was one the most emotional JRPG bosses in video games, but that novelty just doesnt cut it Ultimate's already bloated playstyle on swordplay.

also, there's also Masked Man PSA for Brawl under Project M EX or "Remix".
Fun mod, but who ever voiced him needs to eat a pile of trash.

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Opinions on this guy?

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Bad. Try again.

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Well I mean its a cute idea but I thought it was a seal until I read the filename, "Wouldn't a club be a funnier prop?"

Consider making a seal OP, good branding

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/questions/ - Questions & Help Thread
Last thread:
General Questions and Help about anything /3/ related, hardware and software.

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/wip/ General.
Post your work-in-progress projects or recently finished projects here.
Pay no attention to /wip/ usurpers.

Previous thread: >>734668

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I've noticed a lot of beginners lately and I'm tired of people just making new threads asking for tutorials or posting their models, there should be something pointing out that there are threads for this stuff and obviously some info is quite outdated.
I would love to have people help on this matter.
>inb4 the mods don't care
Even if they don't, I do and I know there must be a way

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Nah. Best alternative is the "Free Resources Thread". >>742962

If you've got anything useful to post, or need stuff, best look there.
There aren't many useful tuts posted there though. At least ones that aren't YT videos. YT tuts are good, but they don't really fit in the scope of the thread since YT vids are easy to search up.

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took three hours to make this but because I started from 0 and had to learn SD.

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What would it say right now?

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I’ve been “modeling” for half a year, but I can barely keep myself dedicated to making one project. It’s so hard to come up with things to make, even more so sticking to them

My likes are vaporwave malls, robotics, guns, machines, and animals.

I barely know shit, so things that would help me learn the basics would help

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Just did this. It took 2 hours

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No offense, but you could shit these out in about ten minutes.

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None taken. I’m trying to find ways to make myself more efficient. Where would you start out with these?

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Not sure what you mean. And I'm not saying they're necessarily bad. They're just very simple to make. Model a little piece and throw on some modifiers and you're done.

I'm really not sure what you're looking for. Is it tutorials or is it advice on how to stay motivated? If it's the latter, you should probably ask elsewhere. If it's critique you want, then post wireframes.

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This good for 6,000 vertices? I did it with no tutorial

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smol dick

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Nope, we're annoyed by faggy teen fan boys

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post work

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> Blender Derangment Syndrome
Let me guess, Trump is not your president?

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How does /3/ work with UVs?

Do you prefer a mostly automated workflow? Or do you like to be as hands on and thorough as possible?

Do you use a dedicated software like Rizom? Or just your regular 3D modeling program?

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Do you want good textures or dog shit textures? It's not difficult to make good UVs, just time consuming if you have to unfold like a gorillion pieces on a transformer or someshit.
>do you use dedicated software or regular
Whatever you like. Though the default tools in your 3d package are often good enough.

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Headus UV is imo the best for character unwrapping. Even if it's not I've gotten so used to it I crank out my UVs like nothing and it's actually fun to do, in a way. Using packages like Maya and 3DS Max seem sterilized and thus I always get bored with unwrapping in these packages. Not that they're bad, but the key to longevity is passion, and I am not passionate about UV unwrapping.

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uv unwrapping should be like this:
>get 3d triangle
>determine 3d to 2d pixel ratio in the settings
>e.g. 2 units length between 2 vertices should be 20 pixels on the uv plane or so
>image size should scale based on needed space to fit in all triangles
>now every triangle has basically the same pixel count and scale inside
>texture painting should be done in 3d
should be easy right? the software only needs to go through all triangles and project them onto the 2d image.

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Look up Pixars PTEX.
This tech exists, still nobody uses it. It's a dead format. UDIM (and classic way of UV projection) has won.
Also every unwrapping toolset that is worth its salt has an texel density calculator that lets you scale all UV islands to the perfect pixel ratio.
The principle of mapping each tri/quad separately gives a lot of problems, how do you deal with seams? Also you loose any ability to read the image visually and make corrections using a traditional 2d image program.

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>How does /3/ work with UVs?
I mark seam and unwrap goes brrr haha

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Started learning Zbrush and modeled this dude yesterday. Do you guys know good and reliable online courses/resources for begginer/intermediate level?

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HAHAHH, Thanks!!

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You're asking in the wrong place my dude. But, in my experience the least Pajeet seems to be Lynda/Linkedin. They speak proper English and get to the point.

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Pavlovich on youtube.

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Pavlovich is methed up, you're better looking elsewhere.

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Is the reason .asset unity files exist is to keep it from being edited? Is it a security practice?

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You can extract OBJ files using something called Unity Assets Bundle Extractor

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Doesn't Unity extract the asset package to your project folder when you import it? Or did they change that?

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it does for me. Op is a brainlet

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Just import the .asset into unity and it will unpack everything into their original files in the project folder

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Where can I models with removable clothes that I can import into Maya or Blender outside of some cases of Xnalara and DAZ?

Asking for a friend.

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Fuck you Renpy game fags.

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This has nothing to do with this board

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Can someone recommend a uv mapper that isn't blender? I'd be willing to pay up to $200. I do NOT want to use blender, it's a fucking mess. Mac is preferred but I'll use windows if I have to.

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wow this looks fucking incredible. thanks for actually delivering anon

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Roadkill uv

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ok boomer

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Stay salty kid

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