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Facial and body motion capture:
Ok does anyone here use it?
I was planning to get a kinect 2v and a webcam Logitech C920 for animation, but the software for face capture is too damn expensive and I don't have that kind of money right now.
Does anyone knows pirated software for facial capture or free alternatives? Because I can't find anything really.
>btw I was planning on using mikumikudance or ipisoft for body animation.
>I seen a blender method for facial capture but is just as hard and time consuming as doing it manually.
vid releated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO9W56KcCb8&t=11s

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People been saying that this won't really give you any speed boost since you've got to fix every bad frame after that anyway. Might as well do it by hand from start to finish.

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damn I was really not expecting that to be the reality, I was mesmerised by the works of applications like faceware that make it seem so useful, but still for amateur that don't know much about animation it should be ok no?
example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-deiQuGqzs&t=103s
if I could make something of this quality it would be a dream.

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Facial and body motion capture:
Ok does anyone here use it?
I was planning to get a kinect 2v and a webcam Logitech C920 for animation, but the software for face capture is too damn expensive and I don't have that kind of money right now.
Does anyone knows pirated software for facial capture or free alternatives? Because I kind find anything really.
>btw I was planning on using mikumikudance or ipisoft for body animation.
>I seen a blender method for facial capture but is just as hard and time consuming as doing it manually.
vid releated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO9W56KcCb8&t=11s

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How can I import a blender file to MMD?
There are tutorials on the internet that I need to download a program called pymeshio, but the thing is that they dont tell in what carpet I need to put them, or in what blender version works. THE FUCKING STUPID TUTORIALS ONLY SHOW THE ADDONS ALREADY INSTALLED, IT MAKES ME FUCKING MAD THEY CANT TEACH ANYTHING RIGHT.
So any help?

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just experiment and figure it out yourself. no need to be glued to some tutorial.

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So, I want to create weird shit like the webm here. Just random, surreal animations in 3d. But I suck at modeling and texturing. I taught myself basic box modeling before but I can't actually make anything complex.

What's the fastest path to actually produce something like the attached video? Should I just start from zero and try to learn modeling again?

I lose motivation super fast when practicing box modeling. Maybe I lack focus, or maybe the practice I'm doing is too far removed from my goal? I'm not sure.

I thought maybe I should just download free models from somewhere or kitbash collections and just try to rig something together that way (so, use pre-existing models but texture, light and animate myself).

Anyway, open to any advice on fixing my attitude / mindsets or just ideas for software or workflows that can help me reach my goal.

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pretty sure those models are just daz

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>But I suck at modeling and texturing
Zbrush. Art School. Online courses.
You welcome.

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Learn Houdini

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Houdini is a meme

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jesus christ can you people shut the fuck up? post your work faggot.

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What program is used to make those Obscure and weird Japanese pornos? I see them all over the place, in ads, on porn sites. But I've never actually seen a software that looks anything like this.

Inb4 Daz

Inb4 SFM

those are pleb tier programs.

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they don't want to admit that you can actually work with free software and get good results. just try it out it won't hurt.

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I feel like it's more about the fact that it was always that piece of hipster shit that no one really used except nut jobs and now it's actually a legit gateway for all the new 3d artists who can learn it in a day or two.
What I don't know if they're actually scared of being replaced because they have no actual talent.

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Maya and 3ds

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Today, I dreamt I was suffering the bad viewport performance of Blender with subdivision. I don't even use Blender; why do I dream about this shit?

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it's a meme. For at least 10 years now insecure blendlets, with barely a low poly sword model to their name, have been screaming at industrious professionals that they're using the wrong software and Blender can do everything. And it was always about how the next release will "change everything" and it never happened.

And it still isn't happening now. With 2.8 Blender an ok tool with solid gpu rendering built in. And it's free, which is great. But zBrush is better for sculpting, Maya for animation, Houdini for sims etc... This makes the Blendlet seethe and it's still hilarious.

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I can't get into this 3d modeling business, pls help my dumb ass.
I watched so many tutorials I'm getting sick. I have all the theory but I don't know how to doodle/practice in 3d. I open blender and instantly wilt. I have sketches by me but I have no clue what to do next. Do I trace smooth lines from sketches with bezier curves? Do I extrude some boxes? Or do I sculpt it?
Maybe there's some "sketchdaily but for 3d" alternative to get me started? How did you guys start modeling? How do you start doing this?!

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try 3D Coat, it's pretty simple to understand and you thanks to the voxel sculpting and superb retopo tools you can do pretty much anything in it

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Learn Zbrush. It's by far the most fun and approachable software coming from a 2d art background.

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>try 3D Coat
Not recommended for porn, thougt
Or anatomically correct little girls

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You don't doodle in 3D. That's what 2D is for.
Start practicing with something simple. Like an modern building or an spaceship for example.
Something that can be done with simple box modelling. Keep it simple stupid.
Maybe use an oldschool lowpoly style. You could learn and practice modeling, unwrapping, texturing and rendering without going overboard with the complexity.
>I watched so many tutorials I'm getting sick. I have all the theory but I don't know how to doodle/practice in 3d.
Maybe you watched the wrong tutorials.
>How did you guys start modeling? How do you start doing this?!
Just fucking do it.
Set a goal, but keep it easy to reach, open Blender and start modelling.
If you run against a wall, Youtube and google is 3 clicks away.
Also don't be afraid to fail. Allowing yourself to fail often is what makes it easy on the mind.
You entered a world with an extra dimension (its actually much more complex than that).
Of course your silly monkey brain recoils in horror, but just give it time and don't be afraid.
You're gonna fail spectacularly, on a regular basis, but that's ok, do it with gusto and learn from it.

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>Or anatomically correct little girls

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How do I get into Level design? I've learned finally how to create proper assets for 3D environments and now I need to know how I'm supposed to put them together. Are there any solid map making programs out there?

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Level design isn't about moving boxes around until it "looks cool", it's about... well, design. You get your pen and paper and make a corridor or a set of them with points of interest and progression. And all of that stays true even for a walking sim.

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The process will change depending on your game. For the most part the tools are going to be a little weird, but you'll get used to them. Hammer editor is mildly infamous but so much cool crap gets made on it, it reminds me whining for hours about software isn't too great.

I've only poked Unreal, but out of Unity, Unreal, and Hammer, I think Unreal has the best level editor. Unity feels like running Internet Explorer with a bunch of plugins to get feature parity with Unreal's editor (while being signifigantly more clunky). Hammer has the issue of dealing with an editor that isn't updated too frequently, and has some strange decisions content creation wise (can't just import fbx unless running Dota 2 or Steam VR Hammer). It's also buggy all around.

Do note regardless, the tools aren't the limiting factor. I wish I could get as good at mapping as some of the Source boys.

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First of all, stop posting this ugly face here

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>How do I get into Level design?


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How can I download the free version of this thing? The only free one available is the academic version, and to download it I need to complete a questionnaire made by the CIA. Any help?

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ATM i'm using a license that my workplace provided me with but i've been using the edu version of max for over 10 years and everything they wanted from me is the name of the school/university i was enrolled to at the time and that was enough for them...

There is a questionnaire now?

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>I need to complete a questionnaire made by the CIA

What's with the preponderance of tinfoil hat wearing loons on this particular board.

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>t. crusty old fart that can't take a joke

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Its a joke in the sense they ask me about the stupid description of my stupid college, stupid

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you know that you can make stuff up right?

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Anyone has tried this?


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Best 3D sketch software that can be exported as an stl to later be sliced for CNC?

Looking for an alternative to tiltbrus

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tilt brush*

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Any C4D users by chance has a dynamic sticky liquid setup; they wouldn't mind sharing?

If you know of info for dynamic colliding sticky liquid implementation link etc please tyvm.

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Is this coomer the board?

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t. daz guy who makes nothing but degenerate porn and coooms to it constantly

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if you are going to make static renders anyway just model the damn thing yourself, you are gonna get a million times better looking cum that with the simulated bullshit any fluid-sim engine can do nowdays.

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Wait you only use your own porn? That's meta af.

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Subject says it all

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The other side if you're curious

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What exactly is this?

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How did they get that stop motion feel in CG?

>>"Chris Miller — “It’s a hybrid, part of it is CG, part of it is LEGO, and we don’t want people to know which part is which, the whole point is to be as seamless as possible”"

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Im glad you appreciated my carefully thought out joke
its not sped up in post thats for sure, since the interp is linear theres no upscaling no matter what framerate its rendered at so the animation can be low while the camera is high no speedup needed

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Probably the same way you'd just do it by stop motion. So yeah, if it were me, I'd animate by 2s and turn off interpolation for everything but the camera.

Nah, actually everything is animated at the same framerate. I think it's 24fps but I'm not sure. But the way they did it was they basically had the characters animated at 24fps, but have them hold their poses for 2 frames or whatever, so it looks like 12fps. The characters still move position at 24fps, so you'll actually see some characters sliding around in a static pose for 2 frames or so if you look really close (the scene where he's running on the bus is a really good example).

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The "stop motion" feel is easy: turn off motion blur. You'll see that certain items have the motion blur turned on, like when Ghost Vitruvius is floating around, but for the majority of the movie there is no motion blur, which is exactly what you see in stop motion animation.

Watch a Laika movie by stepping forward single frames. You'll notice a lack of blur, and you'll also notice the frames are doubled up (animated on twos, essentially 12x2 FPS).

It's actually the opposite of what most rendering software tries to create, since they want the motion to look as real as possible, but if you go for that look you'll end up saving render time.

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Well for that movie specifically, the staff had to make sure all their assets were true to life lego pieces. So they are. I think Node/Corridor Digital has a video on why LEGO movies CG is how it is.

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load up your rip in a competent media player that has frame advance (MPC HC for example) and step through a few scenes.

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Is going to CalArts as important to getting a job in the 3D film animation industry as it is in the 2D
film animation industry?

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So, I was watching the Clay lookdev tutorial by Tom Newbury and halfway trough the videos I noticed that most of the textures he used ain't free and I'm desperate. Call me a NEET, cuck, whatever but I FUCKING NEED THIS PARTICULAR MATERIAL (quixel.com/assets/pjDvj0). I'VE SEARCHED IT ON CGP AMONG OTHER 3D SHITHOLES AND NOTHING SO PLEASE SHARE IT IF ANY OF YOU FUCKING FAGS HAVE THE FILES

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That's nice but I need the one with displacement.

>> No.705813

this was incredibly mean and unnecessary

many neets frequent this board, have some compassion

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Tbh this is the NEETest board, aside from /b/ and /r9k/

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Yeah man, have some compassion and share it. I'm not a Quixel expert but I guess is like a single cheap material or something.

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Make it in Materialize, it'll take you like 2 minutes.

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A render of a switchblade I made in Fusion 360. Anyone know of a good mechanism to pull the blade back in once the blade has been released? Can provide the stl/obj/etc. files!

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I’m making a robot hand. The hand is pretty bare bones, no armor, no cover, etc.

In my quest for refrence images I’ve not been able to find one that shows off the workings of the thumb, it usually being covered by something.

What would be the best way to model a robot thumb, that still shows off the inner workings.

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Just browse Artstation: Vitaly Bulgarov, Keos Masons, Patrik Karlsson, Yury Konyushihin

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I always worked as an environmental artist and I recently started to design characters. But Im a bit confused about my workflow and have some doubts, can you help me /3/?

>Model highpoly character in Zbrush and polypaint
>I want clothes, so Marvelous Designer. Export A-pose model, create all the clothes, return to Zbrush
>Substance painter, texture it
>3dsmax, rigging *

* here is the main problem, character is wearing a dress, and she is going to sit in a chair. How can I deformate the dress to fit properly? Create an animation from A-pose to sitting pose and then export to Marvelous Design and it creates it automatically? Which is the correct workflow?

Thanks in advance

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Either sculpt a static masterpiece or get the fuck on with a decent animation workflow.

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Its not going to be just 1 pose, I want different ones. But Im still not sure about the most efficient workflow.

Right now I have the nude model in A-pose, deciding if it would be better to start rigging it right now or just export it to MD and create all the rest of details, clothes, accesories and textures and then rig it at the end

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For example, pic related. Did the artist rig her before creating the dress? Or did he create all the clothes before, and then rig and adapted the cloth to the sitting pose

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looking at how tight it is around her waist when shes sitting down, he def did some sculpting to get it into the perfect place at the end, because its so loose when shes standing any sim would have it falling down more

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You don't really go for volume in a comic book art style, anon.

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