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who was that one autist that procedurally generated a vagina? did he ever finish that project?

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the worst part of computer graphics has to be how much back and forth between multiple software there is to it's production. this guy uses at least 4 different programs to make a hand-painted dragon


I've seen people even going as far as using simultaneously Blender and Maya for the same project. this is a tad redundant to say the least, I really wish 3d modeling/sculpting didn't require learning and paying for so many different environments, specially if you have to switch forth and back between them

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You don't have to work like this. Most software these days *is* capable of "doing it all".

But one piece of software or another is always going to be better to do a certain thing in, and it's up to you to decide if it's better by a large enough degree for you to bother switching back and forth between.

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Yeah, I also wonder why painters use different brushes, I mean, isn't it faster to just use one?

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that's one terrible analogy, pal

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>using simultaneously Blender and Maya for the same project. this is a tad redundant to say the least
Not really no. They are quite different programs at the end of the day. My advice to you would be to stop thinking of "computer graphics" (not even sure what that means honestly) as one discipline or skillset (or whatever). 3D as a whole has many skillsets with many tools to help us accomplish them. There is -always- going to be specialization.

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You are being sold incomplete gloves!

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I wonder the same thing, is one glove made from the other's scraps?

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do you think they also sell one with only the pinky and ring fingers

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did you look at OP's image

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Is this bait or are you all retarded?

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Pool gloves manufacturers were already laughing at the heretics buying their 3 fingered gloves, they never thought they could turn their trash into a business with the arrival of tablets pansies.

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It has been on CGP since forever.

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>pirating perpetual software

Hm, wonder why everyone's jumping ship to subscription models now haha

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Like subscription models can't be pirated?

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What a retarded take.

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get a job lol

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I'm not too familiar with rigging so hopefully its not too dumb of me for asking.

I'm trying to connect an animation to a rig that has more joints then the original. And i'm not quite sure what to do. When I use constraint it messes up the model. But when I use bind, the arms of the model clip into the body. So I'm really not quite sure what I should do.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me out.

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Blender beginner here. Where is this object coming from? When i render, there's suddenly a wall in the middle of my scene. Alt - H reveals nothing hidden, so it's not that, and its not render distance either, seeing as there's clearly room behind the wall.

I think it has something to do with the fridges in the scene, because when i delete them they just teleport to a different location and become massive. I have no idea what those lines attached to the fridges are, but probably connected to the problem.

Does anyone know?

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YOur [email protected] is cur$ed

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Lines showcase connections between objects because the mesh is parented to another object etc. Depending on which one you delete and break the connection, the mesh will lose it's transform and scale which depended on the parent and it will potentially relocate or increase in size. In those situations you can right click on that object in the outliner and delete the full hierarchy, then everything should be gone.

The wall shows in render probably because it's hidden from the viewport but not from the render. You can activate more icons in the outliner where you specifically decide what will be hidden or shown in the render.

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Thanks man, i figured it out. It was a cube labeled "transform" that didn't show up until i enabled all the icons in the outliner. No idea how it ended up in my scene at all.

Thanks again

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Are environment / prop artists still in demand or has the work all been outsourced?

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So what happens once you get all the assets from the outsourcing studio? Who continues working with them and what do they do? I'm working for an outsourcing studio but don't really know what happens after they get our assets. Someone has to assemble the assets in the scene, probably fix and tweak certain things, do the lighting and I assume interns won't do that.

But yeah, lots of assets like architecture and props get outsourced, but I don't know the percentage. I assume main studios would prefer hiring environment artists who will work on levels and assemble everything. You know, the ones that need to think about the story of the place, composition, colors and lighting. Model creation itself is more technical IMO. I'm working on full environments in my spare time, but professionally I ended up creating individual buildings and such for other studios. At least you can say you worked on a bunch of projects, even though the amount of contribution to them is significantly lower.

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Its not a job if I wont get paid - its a waste of time.
Fuck off.

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Sorry, best I can do is job experience and lunch vouchers. A salary is out of the question until we know you're a good fit.

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what youre describing is illegal in california

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Not all of America has achieved First World status.

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Anybody tried to play with raytracing? I wonder how capable will 3080 be for it. I'm hoping it could render decently smooth exterior scenes like a street with a bunch of buildings and props. Am I expecting too much from it? After all, most raytracing demos I've seen showcase small dioramas with 1 hero prop in focus.

I wonder what will happen when UE5 releases the new lighting system and which of the available ones will be used for the highest quality rendering - raytracing, Lumen, or baked lighting. Or some combination of those. I have no clue. I hope it won't become even a bigger mess with so many options and settings to tweak.

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What happens when you bake lighting and then activate raytracing on top of it? It looks like it doesn't remove baked information but the image still changes. Now I wonder if the lighting is more physically correct or less. E.g. activating raytraced AO drastically changes shadowing. Now what is the better version of this, baked or raytraced?

Also it looks like somehow raytracing looks cleaner and nicer to me when I add it after a light bake. I don't quite understand what's happening so if anyone can explain that to me, thx.

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go on, tell me what I got wrong then

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UEV is going to be just like 4. Showcase fancy features that won't make it to the final version, will look graphically impressive for a year then all other engines (besides unity) will look and perform miles better.

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It doesn't really matter if other engines will look and perform better if you won't be able to use them. Only good free engines we could use are Unreal, Unity, Unigine and Cryengine. And from those Unreal is definitely the most artist friendly, especially when you include all the available addons they have been giving away + free megascans integration. You can't beat that. We can only hope Nanite and Lumen won't be complete memes and we will finally get a good dynamic lighting solution.

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I also want to know this.
Imagine I have an interior scene. I bake everything in production quality. Then, I activate raytracing.
What does it happen? Considering I dont have reflections or special features for rtx, how much would this affect the fps for example if the scene already has all lightmaps baked?

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This is what I’d image Type 2 civilization humans will look like

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are the tits goatse

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>nonsensical greebles with no care for how any of this would articulate or what the function of any of it would be

Brain dead.

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How do she move arm

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haha no

the future will be non binary transfaggot andogynous neotenous non humans

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How do we learn 3D modeling when we have little time (work, school etc...) ??
I often find myself with 3d tools open on the weekend, trying to do something but then I don't know what to do because I don't have any current goal.

When I had time, I often learned softwares and arts (any software) by trial and error, which takes a lot of time: time that I don't have.

Any tips for learning efficiently and fast?

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Yeah if you don’t like preparing dinner, doing homework, getting a full night’s sleep, and any other thing life will throw at you, ex. family matters. Not OP btw.

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>muh lifes so hard guyz! :((((
you still have plenty of time, stop making excuses

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Probably bad to ask 4chan that question, because the people here spend all their time doing hobbies and have a lot of disposable income to get the latest hardware, learning materials, and take classes.

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>t. never was a fulltime college/university student with a parttime job

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sound like you need to start a personal project
also fuck you for being young cunt and complain about time

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Hey morons. Actual pro here who, for some unknown reason, used to hang around here when I was learning.
Now environment lead at medium-sized cinematics studio where we make all the pre-rendered AAA game trailers you little morons love to bitch about.

AMA. (Except what titles I / we have worked on. Obviously).

This is gonna be funny.

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Do you ever look out the window at night and watch the stars?

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>environment lead
>been a pro about 3 weeks
>churns out shit

imagine my shock.

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Who do you work for?
What games have you worked on?
What's your job title?

pics or it didn't happen

pic related, it's your average day in the office.

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What exercises did you do to practice your 3d? Or how did you practice your 3d skills?

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>environment lead
>phone poster
Why would anyone want to talk to you, OP? You're the manager of a McDonald's.

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It's Sunday again, and that means it's TF2 time. We are now hosted in eastern USA and everyone will have better ping, save for me.

Here's how to connect:

1. Open TF2
2. Open the console with ` and enter:
3. connect

If you can't open the console, do the following:
1. Hit settings
2. Select advanced
3. Enable console

And have fun.

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I'm entertaining the idea of getting a tablet for sculpting. Last time I used one of these was probably a decade ago and Wacom was the go-to manufacturer; I still have my old Bamboo fun laying around somewhere, even.

How's technology changed over the years? I don't doubt the prices for them have been driven down, but I'm not looking to cheap out; that being said, what's a decent entry-level tablet with a screen I can work on? If the cheap ones with screens are crap, what non-screen recommendations are there? Have the tablet drivers finally been made to play nice with multiple monitors of different sizes, or is it still fucky?

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>a large tablet and a small screen will get less distortion than the other way around
I don't think I understand; are there tablets with screens that don't fit the entire drawing space, or do you mean a large screenless tablet in combination with a small monitor is better than having a small screenless tablet with a large monitor? If so, I'm aiming to get something on the larger side specifically because of that; I don't want to have to deal with jitter because of resolution mismatches or anything like that

Interesting, I've had specifically the xp-pen 15.6 pro recommended to me, with the only caution being "don't remove the protective film or you'll scratch the screen".

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I saw some vids on how great the Apple devices are for drawing, and I believe it... However, because price and me not even being sure if I'll get into that, I bought some Chinese tablet which could be used for drawing (Chuwi). Would tell you how it turned out, if I had ever used it. When I finally wanted to try, the batteries for the pen were empty, and now I'm waiting for the replacement.

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I always wondered what they did with the leftovers fingers from pool players "gloves".
You really do learn every day.

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Chink tablets have horrible pressure consistency, bad pens and fragile cables. They are not worth it.

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Anybody has experience with Veikk A15 ?

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Is worthwhile to learn sketchup?

Does anyone uses it on their workflow?

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I use it to model things before k build them. Recently did a shed for my parents' backyard

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Most people use it to model buildings but I just use it to model Super Mario 64 maps instead like a pleb

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My company still uses sketchup quite a bit.
It has its uses.
What's your real question though?

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You in?

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I have 0 reasons to use it's realtime viewport to showcase assets / scenes when other free options exist, and you can create a nice lighting setup super fast as well, if you know what you're doing.

Only a baking tool is nice I guess, but I can do just fine without it as well and just use Substance.

Overall way too expensive for what it is IMO.

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It gives better results than Sketchfab, in my opinion. Not having to upload my models and textures is also a plus.

>> No.770702

>I have 0 reasons to use it's realtime viewport to showcase assets / scenes when other free options exist

I'm not aware of any free option that includes anything remotely comparable to their feature set.

>Only a baking tool is nice I guess
The baking tool is fantastic in Toolbag. The way they set up their grouping system is very intuitive and being able to quickly paint a skew map if something unexpected happens is handy. It also has lighting and animation tools, so I'm not sure what you mean by "only baking" unless you haven't used version 3.

Granted, I normally do most of my baking in Substance and put everything together for showcasing in Toolbag.

>Overall way too expensive for what it is IMO.
The beta is going to be free indefinitely.

>> No.770704

Any actual improvements or did they just tack a number on. Opacity was always shit, especially with hair.

>> No.770730

Ray tracing support.
Workspaces, which are kind of like in Maya where you create a particular camera/tool setup.
They also added some sort of texturing tool.

There's a decent amount of changes and no documentation for any of it yet, so I'll have to play around with it more.

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Child Porn https://youtu.be/gyBNBA5qdFM

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Welcome to the Blender General, where we discuss Blender, share our Blender-related works and ask for Blender-related help.

>What is Blender?
Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.


>Blender Market


>Useful tutorials

>Useful addons

>Free resources

Previous Thread: >>766660

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Use the standard view transform and use the diffuse color render pass

>> No.771055

2d bone animation probably, and ease of use to crank out episodes in 7 days. You can do the same thing in Blender, but well, South Park is part of the industry.

Maybe look into ToonBoom? It's another layer based animator, pretty heavy on tweening which is what South Park uses. Family Guy is made with TB if I remember correctly.
There's another one that released as open source a few years ago but I can't remember what it's called. I think it was proprietary software that Ghibli used though.

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Andrew isn't capable of intermediate.
He's a perpetual beginner. He might be able to do things that are slightly harder than beginner, but if his renders and content outside of YT are anything to go by, his skills are pretty low to average compared to how much he makes shilling 3d shit.

>> No.771080

This will help push the boundaries for porn made in blender


>> No.771093

>He's a perpetual beginner.

Nah that would be Jayanam. There's also the perpetual idea guy, GameFromScratch.

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how do i disable texture filtering in blendurr's cycles, it's easy enough in 3ds max, why can't you be normal blender?

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So this is the Blender I keep hearing about. Lol more like Blunder heh.

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Disregard that, OP is a faggot (me).
The texture wasn't pixelated to begin with.

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What a trainwreck of a post
But you can set the interpolation of textures right in the node ("nearest" for individual pixels) and turn the anti-aliasing off by turning the filter size down to 0 in the render ("film") options

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Anon is in love with the raw pixels

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For me it's physics, especially realtime. Everyone loves physics, even animals

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Making truckloads of dope assets like im some kind of flash mmo ripping off kids and facebook users.

>> No.770734

Fleshing out the details of a space. So I guess that involves modeling, but I don't really enjoy modeling very much. I like tapping into the clever side of my brain when doing texture work. And it is very rewarding to see the visual transformation take place while you work, and then at the end you pan your viewport in the space and say 'hell yess' (required)

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def box modeling

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Me trying to dance

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For me it's leaning over looking down the blouse of the fresh new graduates that draw textures while talking to them

My god those delicious flat buds

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he was a great artist, has anyone seen an interview with him, id love to see one

pic unrelated

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