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idk if it's better to post that in /ic/ but..
Anyone can recomend and post some torrents or download sites to some books to improve organic sculpting and hard surface modeling and 3d in general?

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Just ordered an Oculus Rift S with the idea to use it for gaming and Alyx. But if possible and if it's fun, for 3D modeling with Medium. It's a modeling app you get for free with the rift. Is this something worth doing or is it a complete waste of time? Anyone using it? Post work

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Here you can find various kinds watch band, leather ,canvas, rubber and nylon, and nato watch band & apple watch band, make custom named leather watch straps for special gift.

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It may be good for kitbashing, and prototyping, maybe some concept work. But you don't want to be swinging your hours for so many hours of work.

It's gimmicky and fun, not productive.

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It would be productive if the tools where up to the task. Only tried VR once but I was blown away by how accurate those things
are at recording your motions, I expected it to feel floaty and fake but it was that kinda lasermouse precision to it.

But to be useful we need an actual full feature editor with thought out tools, not some novelty BS.
The potential is def there.

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It's pretty good for environmental work, when you already have a big library of assets. Seeing it all in 3D and real scale makes it easier.

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I’m lonely, if you want to exchange pics, call or FaceTime call me 4143994075. Send me your dick pics

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OP is most likely trying to pull some trick on someone he doesn't like and posted their number here.
What a passive aggressive cunt move.

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Are 3D artists
>really fucking desperate
To pull shit like this?

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>that would be 40 bucks for one print please :)
>also, don't forget to like share and subscribe AND donate to my potranon

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printfags are not artists

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t chynaman.

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You don't know how this works.
>3D artist being poor
>sees hot meme on soicial media
>takes some prop from some stock 3D place or actually even puts effort into it and makes it from scratch
>sends it to print service that also handles the whole delivery and shop shit

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Modeled in ZBrush, rendered in Maya with Arnold. The only flaws I see are:
--Right lower eyelid doubles a wrinkle that should be much less prominent in the lower secondary wrinkle, skin is too opaque (usually compensated for in the diffuse texture)
--Left cheek texture looks like she slept on canvas; too regular and would have been smoothed over with foundation
--Excessive hair at jawline and it looks like it was generated as male stubble instead of the finer, female vellus hair. Women used depilatory cream for this in the 1950s, especially movie stars.
Head hair is amazing. Thoughts, /3/?

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Are you really this autistic?

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The whole series is absolutely worth a watch, it runs the full gamut of art styles and there is some incredible work in there.

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Well I just watched the episode this came from. Suzy objecting loudly makes no sense in the context of the episode but it was otherwise fine.

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yeah, incredibly parallel strands are the nice touch

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You're being sarcastic, are you? That detail about the hair jumped at me, it doesn't look right. Shading is great, though.

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KILL ME. i just lost 2 hours of work cuz im a degenerate and didnt save the fucking file.
pic related, its one of the things i had to do for a commission

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2h is a cheap price to be taught that lesson Op. Take the L.

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that's actually my problem too
when I'm working with code the solution is easy: git
when I'm working with assets the solution is: ???
heard that large companies use perforce but that monster is obviously not for me, the individual faggot who doesn't want to lose his shit again

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Just make a new backup every time you do something important.

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please OP, tell us what software doesn't make automatic backups?

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Lost an entire project, over a week of data and time. I never saved copies or remet scenes so now I always make two extra copies, one a save file and one a remet once I'm done for the day. You can't be too certain.

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What's a good texture for human fingernail? I've been stuck on this for a while and can't find a texture for one.

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That guy should trim his nails down, that's disgusting

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why not use transluscent plastic and just paint the meaty part in a pink shade?

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really cringe anon. long fingernails on guys is fucking based and hot as hell.

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too much shading and geometry going on there for you to simply find a good texture source for it. because they're so cylindrical and reflective you always end up with obv highlights baked into them if you try to source it.

I've settled for painting them in manually.

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there's a way to make a extrude to the cursor in maya like you do in blender? (pls don't begin the fight blender vs maya vs the world, just answer that if you know)

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blender is literally the best software there is. gayas can btfo.

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Hold shift while moving the face

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>still coping with Maya

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this is not what i ask

I know Shift + g repeat the command to mouse position but then it colapses its vertices for some reason

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grab the face you want in edit mode
e to extrude
press where you want the 3d cursor to be
while in edit mode press Shift + S >Selection to cursor (keep offset)

it's basically two commands (E + Shift S) to do one thing. blendlets are victims of abuse.

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Watch this and tell me how blender is complicated or unintuitive.

PS: Fuck the ribbon fuck it to hell!


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This is nothing Sibelius is quite literally insane.

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i was actually in severe pain watching this video

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me not. i just went to shit and flushed all down. now i sit. watch mandalorian and drink my 4 beer.

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cringe. go back

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This video triggers the standards fags because there is commercial (((industry standard))) software. that has a insane interface and make blenders interface look like the greatest thing ever.

Daily reminder that Sibelius is if Photoshop did hide their "create layer" under mountains of insane and confusing menus with shit loads of QUIT PHOTOSHOP NOW buttons.

Like the software itself wants to tell you
or just trick you into closing it.

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Assuming you want stereoscopic VR output, is raytraced volumetric lighting a true substitute for DOF?

I read on a forum on 3d (stereo) movies that DOF shouldn't be used because your eye is supposed to be able to explore the whole image and focus on what you want, making it useless.

pic related is my attempt at volumetric lighting in blender

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Dof comes from the way your eyes focus on shit, in VR true dof only would work with eye tracking.

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no it fucking doesnt in the way that fog would do. if you look at a different object, the blur shifts. with fog it doesnt matter where you look.
the effect: completely different.
you: retard.

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so what should I subsitute for dof since dof is useless in vr

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If you want to highlight stuff you'll have to use good lighting and scene composition. Otherwise, nothing. Let the player focus on whatever it wants.

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DoF is a dirty trick for static screen
with VR we(will) use foveated rendering:

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currently working on an animation retargeting addon for blender. going great so far.
what's the industry standard for doing this kind of stuff?

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Fuck blender

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Bout time they started work on Dead Space 4.

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motionbuilder is utter trash. crashes once you close the introduction window. viewport controls are bugged. interface feels like its from the late 90s.

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WIP thread, get your WIP thread

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Do these have a men's jeans look. Using Marvelous.

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[ ] straight fit
[ ] tapered fit
[ ] slim fit
[x] homosexual

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the fact that you have such a similar pic on your pc is interesting

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just bored innit

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Why can't I paint over these areas?
Does this have to do something with the fact that it's two intersecting objects? If so, how would you go about fixing this?
Blender. by the way.

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Hi and qq: long time gamer here started when 13 y old, currently approaching 35. Wanna pick up something new to do that may even potentially replace my job and will bring money and will excite me. Porn and games are hard to stop because i got nothing to fill the void when i quit and cant start anything because nothing else excites me really. Any advice on this please?

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pick up blender 2.8.2

best software out there right now

>> No.726556

Best 3D software to remain unemployed, yes.

>> No.726557

>helo guys how to maek much monies quick - thread #934876387345

>> No.726613

It's pretty good for job security. Boomer bosses love to see you "go the extra mile" by making a shitty extruded text logo with a gradient background in 4 minutes.

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Do it! Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So just do it! Make your dreams come true! Just do it! Some people dream of success, while you're gonna wake up and work hard at it! Nothing is impossible! You should get to the point where anyone else would quit, and you're not gonna stop there! No, what are you waiting for? Do it! Just do it! Yes you can! Just do it.

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up!

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I just gave you reddit gold. Take it brochacho!

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How much are you paying?

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Is this Infographic good enough?
Consider that drone's camera was shit (at least, not professional), and the background photo was a little noisy. Everything is custom and specifically made for this project.

(Newfag here - don't be so rude it's my first work lol)

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Ty anon

This is the render without contact info, which is irrelevant. I'm not willing to discuss that design, but the realism and looking of the render itself. I've just talked about the "info" in a previous comment, so you've got a big problem thinking I don't know the meaning of that word. Do I have to write "check this render which is going to be Infographic" so you realize what I want you to give your opinion about? Rest of anons didn't have this issue, maybe you don't have anything to contribute with. Pointless answers not welcome.

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I've just realized that "Infographic" in English isn't used that much for this kind of archviz advertisements. But it is often used this way in my mother language (specially to avoid using anglicisms). Maybe you deserve an apology, but your comment is still useless.

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well in my defense the question was, >Is this Infographic good enough? so in my experience an infographic is not just a regular rendered image, it needs to have some structure of information, normally showing some relevant statistics or something relevant to the image in question that is way over exposed and doesn't help the building blend with the rest fo the coloring, i suggest not trusting a cheap drone and or go on site ant take your exposure parameters with an hdri.

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>Infographics (a clipped compound of "information" and "graphics") are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.
calm down jose, your "infographic" is about a c+ in a 3d class and an F in a graphic design class.

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Next time I'll just say something like that instead of infographic.
Yes I agree with that, I haven't much expertise with photoshop so it's hard to blend the building with background. It would be much easier with an good one to play with, unfortunately there are no drone photography enterprises in my town, and I cannot afford a good drone myself to use my camera. Also I have to find out how to deal with noise better. To be honest I feel like a scrub in post-production when it's time to blend two different scenes hahaha

>In my language, the literal translation of "Infographics" is correct for this purpose, and a lot of people use it like that. I'm not using it in English again, be sure.
Yeah I must definitely learn more about graphic design tools, matte painting and so on.

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Did the janny really delete my reply? MAKE THE FONT YOURSELF

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/3/sources General

- Gone but not forgotten edition -

>List of all links in previous thread

>Link to previous thread

Use this thread to post any free resources or anything else that you'd want to share with your fellow anons. Textures, materials, brushes, models, references, tutorials, anything that you think might benefit another anon, please post it here.
It might help to check the pastebin before you post, in case there might be duplicates, but it's not a problem if you don't.

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Oh man I remember when I knew jack shit about anatomy it would actually look like a pair of legs.

>> No.726515

Any NSFW animations, or animations in general?
I heard there are some out there, but can't google anything.

>> No.726518

Just look up sfm shit on rule34 or tbib.org.
Or just go on the same kind of thread on /gif/
It's porn, it's all over the place. Really don't know why you couldn't have asked somewhere more relevant to your fapping needs.

>> No.726548

I'm asking about animations as resources, like shared scene files and such.

>> No.726618

If you're gonna use nsfw sfm stuff as a reference, use them as an example of what NOT to do.
Just use regular porn as a reference.

As for resources, try smutbase. They have some tutorials there I think.

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>> No.726268


>> No.726270


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how many threads are you going to make.

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Opinions on this fella?

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it is completely online, retard
like only works through the browser

>> No.726248

its like the ugly midget cousin of solid works, or the better moi with blonde hair and blue eyes.

>> No.726315

Started out simple and intuitive, was like an easier to learn solidworks geared toward designers moreso than engineers, so it was focused on a streamlined interface and no nonsense tools.

But they kept adding and adding shit to it and now it's a bloated buggy fucking mess like everything else Autodesk pumps out.

If you're offline for more than 14 days the program becomes inoperable until you reconnect. Once I discovered this I promptly removed it from my computer and havent used it since.

That was almost 3 years ago and I highly doubt it's improved since then.

>> No.726320

With the intent of transferring it into polygons later down the line, what would be a good program to pick up for industrial design?
I've heard people saying good things about Rhino, even SketchUp.

>> No.726336


Rhino is overkill if that's your main objective.

Moi3d is probably your best bet for this. Its Rhino Lite basically. Its functional and easy to use, but also is destructive modeling.

Maya has nurbs tools, offers more control over how the geometry will be tessellated when converted to polys, and even offers linked history states so you can go upstream and edit history without redoing anything. The downside is that they're a pain in the ass to troubleshoot if anything gets weird. Also nurbs to polys doesnt always create surfaces that work well together.

I cant offer any unbiased opinions on sketchup. I think it's garbage.

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